16 Dec

Good evening and welcome

Is with us today Metatron who will give us tools to deal with the existing situation and win.
Today the universe is at war between light and darkness. Light beings have in the past tried to wrap darkness in light and send light to all people who are at low frequency. But today we understand that there is a war between light and darkness and in war as in war one must fight. The war of light is fire. We will ask you to wrap yourself in a ring of fire around your aura. This is the highest level of protection available. No energy or entity can pass this ring of fire.

Now that you are wrapped in light you will concentrate on the base chakra and watch the Kundalini rise around your spine to your head and gather there. Keep imagining the Kundalini rising around the spine and gathering in the brain area. Now that you feel your brain is literally burning you are opening the crown and allowing the energy to come out.
Imagine that there is a ring of fire around your aura. As you ascend to a higher frequency you become a target for the lower beings and therefore you need to protect yourself at all levels. So when you wrap yourself in a ring of fire you are protecting yourself from any frequency or energy or low entity or any virus that comes to you and wants to affect you.


Now imagine that you are inside a pillar of light and you are rising higher and higher and higher. Imagine that you are inside the ring of fire and rising inside the pillar of light is even higher and higher. Now with your inner eyes you are watching the earth from above.
You look into the core of the earth and see there a bonfire like the burning bush. And the burning bush magnetizes to it low beings and low energies and burns them. Since beings are not as dead as humans, then fire burns the shell of those beings i.e. changes their energetic frequency and they can now rise inside the light pole upwards.

Now look at the earth from above and you will see a ring of fire around the earth. This ring of fire protects the earth from low beings and energies that reach it. Now from where you are up inside the pillar of light you will send burning energy into the minds of human beings who are the rulers of all the countries on earth. Prime ministers, kings, presidents and all the people who make decisions and control their people.
Send the fire to the heads of religions all over the world and to all the rulers wherever they are. Look at how rulers change, look at how the earth is changing, look at how humanity is changing. The fire can change an energetic frequency and all that there is. After the fire will come the restoration. The earth will be rebuilt, humanity will be rebuilt and rebuilt.

Keep going up the pillar of light and send the fire to the earth. You have chosen to be in this place and this time and do this work. It is a sacred work.

Say thank you to the beings of light and angels Say thank you to Metatron and your spiritual guides who accompany you at all times.
Accompany you all the time and love you very much

We greet you with love

And so it is

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