23 Sep

We will close our eyes and watch our heart rate and breathing. We will breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth all the anxieties and fears and everything that does not strengthen us and does not calm us We exhale out of ourselves.

 Now imagine that in front of your nose there is a blue light ball and you start breathing it into the diaphragm into the upper abdomen where anxiety and fear sit where external things like anger fear anxiety  and restlessness worry and all the things that take you out of inner balance sit inside the solar plexus and inside the heart.

 Let's focus on the diaphragm area. Imagine that you are putting blue light into the diaphragm and blowing out all the fear and anxiety and external chaos. Breathe through the nose blue light into the abdomen and slowly the blue light fills the entire abdomen with blue light. Continue to breathe blue light from the nose into the diaphragm and into the abdomen and exhale the fear and anxiety that sit there. The external fear and anxiety that comes in connects to the fear and anxiety that sit there for a long time and they connect together and then the fear and anxiety intensify and then you find yourself in an unbalanced place and then the pulse goes up and the blood pressure goes up and the whole body goes into stress. This is an abnormal condition. We are supposed to be in peace and inner peace. This is the optimal state of the person and from this he can grow. Keep breathing blue light and when you feel your stomach calm and peaceful you move to the heart area. Keep breathing blue light into your heart. The heart is the place of love and compassion. When fear and anxiety enter the heart they move aside the love and compassion, the love for ourselves and others and go into a state of anxiety and survival, and then your body wants to survive. Then you do not care who is standing in front of you. You want to survive. That's all that interests you. Then you lose a bond of love and compassion with those around you and then you feel the loneliness. It is very difficult to be in isolation. And that's what's happening to us today. Put us in isolation and loneliness. But when you are connected to love and compassion for yourself, love and compassion spread further and then you can love and have compassion for the people around you and the bond tightens. Humans are sociable by nature and cannot be a "lone wolf."

 Breathe deep into the blue light heart. And exhale from the heart the fear of anxiety and chaos. Everything you have put into your body over the last few weeks. Feel your heart expand. Now go up to the throat. The throat is the place of verbal expression. Everything we feel in the stomach and heart we feel in the throat. This is the place of expression and utterance. When we are in fear and anxiety we express it outwardly and then we quarrel with the environment and get angry and do things that we may regret. So when there is love and calm and serenity in the stomach and heart then we take out of the throat peaceful peace and calm and compassion. So let's breathe blue light into the throat and fill it with blue light. Breathing blue light from the nose and exhaling fear, anxiety and chaos and anything that does not serve us in our favor.

 Now go up to the area of the head. Inside our head are all the thoughts and images and all the things we have experienced in the past. The brain is divided into 4 parts, the right brain, the left, conscious and the subconscious. The left brain is the side that tells us I am here and now. Everything that is happening now and happening around us everything that we receive and transmit everything that I think that what I see exists and what I do not see does not exist it passes through our left part. The right part is the part of the flight intuition and meditation channeling the connection to the upper layers. This is a part that is less alert in most people. The people who develop this part are intuitive,  creative, get new materials in communication in music in painting, they are creative. The upper part of the brain is the thinking part - the conscious. The one who informs, the one who computes, and the lower part is the subconscious, the part of thsubconscious has within it everything we have experienced in the past. Past incarnations and past experiences, past traumas and they sit there. And when we experience a similar trauma it awakens and connects to the previous trauma we experienced and then the trauma intensifies. As a Jewish people we experienced a very severe trauma 80 years ago during World War II. And now everything that happens around affects us much more than other peoples because we have this fear in DNA and subconsciously as a people who have experienced a Holocaust and are afraid of the next Holocaust. This is the deep fear that is actually rooted within us. And that's what we're working on today.

 Close your eyes and breathe blue light into your brain. Fill your whole brain with blue light and exhale all the fear and anxiety that sits there. Exhale everything you can not control. And what is it like? Imagine you are walking down the street along a wall of a very tall building and you hear horrible noises behind the building. And in your imagination you imagine that there is a huge monster that kills people and you are afraid to get to the end of the building, but you must because there is no other way and all roads are blocked. But when you come and look you see that there is a wonderful procession of Purim and lots of joy and rejoicing. You arrive at a place of joy and all the fear that was on the way was in vain. You are experiencing this today. You go for one and find no other way.

 So connect to your heart and compassion, keep breathing blue light and fill your whole body with blue light. When you see your whole body filled with blue light, you will see how the blue light comes out of your body and forms a halo around your body and is wrapped in an aura of blue light. Now imagine the blue light wrapped around white light. Your light is enveloped in a blue light and within it a white light of the bride and knowledge. Now imagine that around the blue light and the white light there is a light colored gold. When you look at yourself you see that you look like an egg of golden light enveloping you all around. The golden light is a light of protection. This is the highest light that exists. It is a light that protects people from energy from words from curses from viruses from diseases and anything external to you. All I ask of you is that you wrap yourself in blue and white and gold light.

 have a great day And so it is.

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