17 Sep

Good evening and welcome

 We are on the eve of Gate 2/2/2020 Orion and Pleiades entities are with us today.

 The spokesman for the Orion entities is Tom.

 We are with you today and every day 24 hours a day. We are with you both in spirit and in mind and in body. You are now in a very challenging time in all aspects physically, energetically and spiritually. You are making a change both as individuals and as humanity and planet earth.

 Once in 13000 years the earth undergoes a very drastic change and a lot of events happen that change its very existence. We talked to you in 2000 that the magnetism of the earth is changing. I.e. the central axis moves. And the Earth also changes its position as the northern axis and the southern axis alternate. It's happening now in this period. For this to happen the earth undergoes energetic purification and so do the humans who live on the earth. When you look around you see chaos. In Australia there are fires, powerful floods, hurricanes, the ice is starting to thaw drastically like never before. The oceans are beginning to overflow. A great many cities and countries that are on the shores of the seas will be completely washed away when the great and huge tsunami takes place. The ocean level is rising at any given moment and countries need to take that into account and prepare.

 The viruses that are spreading in all sorts of places on the planet will spread and you need to learn how to stop their spread. Everything that happens on earth you can change. The change will come from within you from your personal and global awareness. It will take you out of the situation that you are looking at yourself and stop fighting with yourself and others because all of humanity will unite in the face of the viruses and in the face of the heavy disasters that will befall the planet.

 We are talking about this year 2020 which will be a difficult year for many people and countries. We want to explain to you that you can change this difficulty. And instead of uniting through the mind you will open the heart and unite through the heart. Unification through the heart is your inner harmony and so you can influence the earth and the climate that will change. You will be able to cure people of the viruses. You will be able to do a lot of things that you cannot do right now. In the last few centuries you have worked in a certain way and you have greatly strengthened the technology league. You have reached high technology. You need to learn to connect this technology with your heart. Remember that Atlantis and Lmoriah were destroyed because the technology was high on the one hand but they could not connect the high technology with the heart.

You are now in exactly the same place. We ask you very much to learn to look into the heart and open the heart towards yourself and towards the other. Notice that the person standing in front of you is you. Is your reflection. He feels what you feel and you feel what he feels. Put aside all difficult thoughts and feelings Put aside the mind and the left side of the mind that tells you that what you see exists and what you do not see does not exist. Connect to the right side of your brain and see the things beyond. Beyond the emotions, beyond the feelings, beyond the thoughts, beyond the mountains, beyond the ravines, beyond the earth. Look at the things beyond and understand that when you see them and believe they exist they will be present in your life. Because your reality will change accordingly.

 Today you are watching and seeing the chaos that is happening, you are hearing the news and watching TV and you do not like it. But know that all you see around is a reflection of you, a reflection of humanity, all the wars on earth are a reflection of the inner wars of human beings. All human diseases are a reflection of the illness that Mother Earth has reached. Because Mother Earth is already tired. And it now washes and washes and burns and transfers wind-shaped energy from place to place. All of these types are options that the universe uses to clear. It is an act of purification in fire purification in water purification in the wind and purification in the earth. These are the four energies with which Mother Earth and humanity can be purified. 

The earth is now at a crossroads that has two directions. Or to life or to death. Or to prosperity and growth or to doom. Your choice of where you want to direct your energy and your life to the future of your children and grandchildren. What do you want to leave behind. You will learn from the end that was in Atlantis and Moriah and draw the conclusions and understand that everything is in your hands.

 Opening the heart and connecting the head with the heart is a very important step for humanity and man. This is what will change the energy and bring you growth and prosperity and re-create the earth. You are now in the place of birth cords. When a woman kneels to give birth she experiences very sharp and strong pain and she survives that pain and is comforted by the fact that she will immediately hug her son or her home. And you are in the place of birth pains and your planet will be reborn. You as human beings and humanity will be born again. 

The earth will be different from what it is today. As once in the distant past the deserts were seas and lakes and oceans, when the magnetism of the earth changes the seas and lakes of today will become deserts and the deserts of today will become seas oceans and lakes. In this process many humans will choose to leave Earth and return at another time. But those who choose to stay will be the ones who will be connected to the heart and the change will be made in them in a more pleasant and flowing way because they have shaped their world within them. Autistic children will be your teachers during this time. Because they are connected to the heart. They do not buy the bullshit you feed them. That's why they look different to you. Because they are at a much higher frequency than you.

And these teacher kids will lead you to a safe place. Listen  to them. They are not just talking. They are smart children and speak from the heart and not from the mind. They come with an open heart and that is why it is easy for them to get hurt. Give them their space and tell them how much you love them. They need to feel and know it. They feel the energies and know exactly what you mean.


Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing.
 Imagine you are sitting in a three-dimensional Mercaba and it is spinning and spinning and going up.
 You can look down on the earth. 
You will see that at the North Pole the water is starting to melt and the glaciers are starting to thaw. Look at what is happening in Australia when tens of thousands of acres are burned and many animals have lost their lives. Look at countries washed away by the water, look at the black deserts, look at the earth and see what happens to humans, viruses, epidemics, etc. Just look.

 Now you will see that slowly a golden purple light beam arrives and passes through all these places and wherever the laser beam passes it heals and balances. This laser beam extinguishes fires in Australia and stops glaciers from melting And balances the earth at all levels.

 The more you imagine the positive it will be real for you and come true.
 Your imagination is your most important resource. 
Use it wisely and thus change what is supposed to happen out of necessity.

 And so it is.
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