17 Sep

Cosmic relationship and forecast for 2020

 Good evening and welcome We are on the eve of Gate 1 January 2020 

I am a graduate of the Ninth Council, I am a part of you and you are a part of me.
 Everything you touch and everything you experience is an evolutionary process of human.
 Each and every one of you is part of a very big process Which takes place all the time at any given moment over the years.
 Each of you is a world and its fullness. Each of you is whole in itself. Never look for the other half because there is no half, each of you is whole in itself. When we talk about a cosmic relationship we mean a connection made in layers The highest. Between the soul between the entity and the entities at the highest levels. When the entities are at the higher levels and preparing to descend and live on earth As a human being everything is known in advance. Entities plan the entire course of life in advance And know all the experiences they will go through during their lives. When entities enter Into a physical body and becoming a human being, the person forgets everything he planned to happen during Life and therefore he experiences all experiences as trauma. People who meet spouses during life These sessions are dictated from the highest levels. You can not resist For these pairings even if you try.

The experiences are dictated from above and you experience them here and now during your life. Sometimes you have the option or ability to change spouses during your lifetime. by the time You live with one spouse or spouse and you feel that this relationship is over. Our advice to you is to end this relationship and start a new relationship. Do not insist Stay with the person you feel you have finished the process with. Because in a moment That you understand the relationship and morality of the mind and have learned the lesson from that particular relationship You have nothing to do with it and you have to move on. Put this relationship behind you and move on. Everything is written in advance and known in advance.

 This life is a life of enabling and flowing. When you cling and do not let go Standing in place and stopping and standing in place is an energy drop. Because once you are You stop closing and when you close you do not allow anything new to enter. When you are open you can flow and bring to you a new relationship And new life. Some people have in karma a relationship with some people and some people That in karma they have a relationship with one person. Everything is written from above. So do not hold on By force in a particular person only because you have become accustomed to it but will continue to search for that person Right for you. From every person you learn something about yourself. Everyone you meet In your way teaches you something new about yourself. Once you have learned the lesson From the particular person he moves aside and you move on to another person. And you also learn from him Something new about yourself.

 Understand that a relationship is not living in euphoria all day, a relationship is a process of learning. During the relationship you learn who you really are. The person in front of you who lives in a relationship With you press the most important buttons to wake up and illuminate you. he Does so not because he is a bad person but because he is meant to be. He came especially to press the buttons to wake you up. This is his and yours karma. So do not expect to meet a spouse and live complacent lives For the rest of your life. 

Understand that a relationship is a lesson. Relationships are learning to love Yourself first of all, learn to love the way you look. big or thin or of a certain color. Understand that you are an exact replica of the Creator and the Creator has many faces. Billions of faces. Note that no two faces are alike, No two people are alike. No two souls are alike and no one is the same Similar to another entity, everything is  different.

You are on a journey and this whole journey is for you, not for anyone else. When you are in a relationship you are not doing anything for someone else You do it for yourself. You eat for yourself and get dressed Make up and spend time for yourself. When you meet someone and he becomes your spouse you are You bond with him and you like certain traits in him when those traits Reflect with you. Even the qualities you do not like in him Reflect with you. When you love yourself you can love him When you do not love yourself you will not be able to love anyone and you will be miserable.

 So what is a relationship you ask, a relationship is first of all to be in a relationship with yourself. Love yourself and love what you reflect towards the world.


 Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing and wrap yourself in white light.
 Now imagine that in front of you is a person you would like to have as your spouse. And wrap it in white light too. Look at it and you will see that it is slowly taking shape As if you Look in the mirror and see yourself. Now get closer to this person and see That you merge with him. Understand that the relationship is within you. And it's a shape Looking at who you really are. Be open, love yourself and rediscover yourself every time.

 Forecast for 2020 

Now we would like to talk to you about the year 2020 that you are starting today. This year will be very challenging with extremely powerful energies. When the East The high school will attract the attention of the whole world. There will be a confrontation between the United States and Iran and Iraq when the Iranians try to do A revolution in Iraq and the Americans will intervene. The Iranians will try to attract Israel Into the war but Israel will not eventually converge. This will be a year Very challenging for Israel. And all this tension will connect and bind this people together And you will feel the love and the mutual help and your ability to connect And unite around this idea of defense. You will be very cohesive within yourself. Not like you were in 2019 When you were separated. Your administration will change. Will enter the Knesset and the government More honest people who will work and do for the people. A lot of things will change in this year. 

Understand that you are actually the rulers. You are the people you are the rulers Because the members of the Knesset and the members of the government implement your wishes and desires. When you are cohesive they can not do what they want. When you are cohesive you can do anything. Only one thing is important Remember not to connect with fear. Because fear is an illusion. Fear  does not exist It's just in your head. It is an illusion that you have created to control the weak And in the poor.

 Send a light of love and protection to the entire Middle East and to all heads of state And to all the men of the army and to all the peoples of this region. Send light and cosmic love to all world leaders to all beings and to my son Man and envelop the earth in light. 
That way you can change the frequency The energetic of the region and connect to love light and world peace.

 And so it is.
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