21 Sep

The new humanity - you are God

Evening Gate 3/3/2020 
Communication with Tom from the Ninth Council

 Good evening and welcome is with us here Tom from the Ninth Council from the planet Orion.

I am of the Ninth Council and I came to you today to open your eyes. You walk the world with your eyes closed and your ears dark. You do not see or hear. You walk like blind and deaf. You do not see angelic beings and energies around you. You do not hear and even when they come to you in dreams you throw the dreams behind your back and keep banging your head against the wall. We have told you before that your dreams teach you about yourself. When you remember the dreams and understand them you can learn a great deal from the morality of the dreams and the learning is about yourself. You learn from the dreams who you are, what experiences you went through and with which entities you interacted, what your role is today with family / friends and colleagues at work, what the people around you teach you. Every person you meet is your teacher and guide. And if you are attentive and do not let ego and fear take over you and you are not offended at every opportunity, then you can learn a great deal from the people around you. And the studies of course are about yourself. Who you really are. What is your destiny. What is your role in this world and at this time?

 As you look around you see the chaos happening, the internal and external wars the diseases and the pain the storms, know that everything that happens outside is a result of what you have inside. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and of all of humanity. And when you look at humanity you see that all of humanity is sick. And this disease is contagious. And this disease lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. And this disease is called ego and this disease is called self-importance, when you have a strong ego and you consider yourself then you do not give place to compassion, and when there is no place within you for compassion then you are in trouble. Because where there is no compassion there is no survival. 

We have talked to you before about the fact that when you do not connect the heart with the head you create destruction because it is impossible to run the world only with the head. You can not just go forward. You also have to look to the sides, you also have to help others, when you realize that when you help someone else you are actually helping yourself when you understand that the person in front of you is actually you when you understand that you can not live without the person in front and expand your consciousness and connect to compassion.  When you are compassionate and you help others, do not think you are suckers, do not think you are giving without receiving, on the contrary, the more you give the greater the acceptance. Your world today is on the verge of collapse. You are in the same energetic frequency that there used to be Sodom and Gomorrah. Energetically where you are. And you are a step away from mass self-destruction. Corona virus is just the beginning. We do not want to scare you but we want to open your eyes so you can see that you understand that your world is in danger. Humanity is in danger.

Your oceans are overflowing and a great many cities will simply be wiped off the face of the earth. When this happens it will affect the economy that will collapse, and those who will survive are those who are connected to compassion and heart. Not those who will have money because money will no longer be counted and wealth will not be counted because there will be no stock market and no governments and no taxes and no wars and no borders. There will only be people in survival. This will be a difficult time for humanity. 

But you have already reached the critical mass of negative energy. And it's time for a makeover. It's time for a change. Because when the energy changes the male energy will move aside and with it the forces, the wars and the control. And instead of this energy will come the feminine energy, the energy of compassion, of the goddess, of the quiet, of the Goddess, it is a circular energy, embracing, comforting, enveloping in warmth and love. Until now you have become accustomed to straight and sharp male energy like a razor and you have had a very hard time with that energy. So you worked on external reinforcement to be stronger, to fight, to win, but now the energy will change into a pleasant soft energy embracing and enveloping the energy of the Goddess energy. when this happens your world will be different and there will be a world of peace giving joy and happiness. This is the world you pray to and want all the time. The more you want and pray the more he runs away from your fingers. But this will only happen after you are ready to release the old energy i.e. the male energy. Then you will create the new humanity, a humanity based on respect and love and giving joy and happiness and kindness. Then you will come to the place as it is said: "And they shall cut their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." See in your mind's eye this world as described here the love between people the giving the happiness the joy to be together the oneness, you will feel God within your heart and rejoice in it. Know and understand and feel and be sure that God is not somewhere in heaven but within you within the heart. When you understand it and accept it as it is, you will feel it and live it. God is in your heart. He speaks to you, he guides you, he feels you, he cries with you and is happy with you he hurts with you and lives with you. Because you are God. You are the creation. You are the one. All of you together all of humanity together when you are united together you are God. For in each and every one of you is the divine spark. Hence you are God. Imagine the new world, the new humanity. The more you imagine it the more real and real it will be. 
And so it is.
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