22 Sep

The corona virus
 Communication with Tom from the Ninth Council March 14, 2020

  Hello, I'm Tom from the Ninth Council I came today to clarify a few points for you and reassure you of everything that is going on in your world. Your world is undergoing a very profound change, both on the physical level and on the energetic and spiritual level. You are going through a phase, you are going through a higher frequency, you are now absorbing an alternative energy to the energy that has been on the earth for the last thousand years. Frequencies today do not suit you as a human being. 

Humanity is divided into two octaves, one high octave and one low octave. Until now you have been in a low octave and you are experiencing it in all areas of your life. People who are in the low octave run the world today and are only connected to the head, meaning they are only looking at their personal good, they are not serving their people and their world as they swore they were supposed to do. That is why all the leaders who are in key positions today, all without exception in all the countries across the world, have all come down from the political stage and the government. The frequency now entering the earth that makes this change is so high that they will not be able to survive it. The corona virus was allegedly caused by a momentary lack of attention in one of the labs that investigated this virus. It is a virus found in animals. There are viruses within humans that are passed from person to person that you know how to treat in most cases, but this virus is transmitted between animals, but when it is transmitted to a human then it is difficult for you to deal with it. We told you to stop eating animal meat not only because you are killing them but it is not good for their digestive system because you are also eating their energy and their viruses and it is getting into your squash.

 This virus only affects people whose immune systems are weak. People who are sick anyway and prone to death. The healthy and young people it will not hurt them. Your ability to deal with this virus is to strengthen your immune system. When you strengthen your immune system you can deal with any virus that enters your system. It depends on what energetic frequency you are at. If you are on a low frequency then your immune system is weak and difficult for you if you are on a high frequency your immune system is strong. You have been told that older age is weaker but that is not true. If a person is older and his frequency is high then his immune system is strong. It does not matter age but the immune system. For our part, we strengthen and support people with a high energy frequency in order for them to survive this period easily and comfortably. Trying to scare you and shut you down and tell you this is a terrible and horrible thing. You will know and we have told you in the past that the means by which you can be controlled is through fear. And notice how they scare you to shut you up so that you will not be in touch with each other so that you will not be in a position to convey messages and comments and knowledge.

If you want to defend yourself then strengthen your immune system and do meditations to be at the center of your heart. When you are in the heart you connect to compassion for your highest energy to your highest self to the God within you and then no one can touch you. 

We know that the whole thing of the corona virus is eradicated and will disappear within two weeks from today. Be optimistic, meditate and relax and go through it in peace. We are here to help you with everything. 


 Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing.
 Breathe through your nose clean and clear air and exhale through your mouth all the anxieties the fears the pain the sorrow and all the insecurity and exhale again everything you do not need inside your body.
 Now breathe blue energy through your nose, imagine in front of your nose a blue light ball and breathe it into your stomach into the solar plexus into the diaphragm and slowly fill your whole body with a soothing clean and peaceful light,  you will feel calm and serene, calm your whole body and organs Fly and you will dive into the calm.
 Imagine you are in a huge ocean and you dive deep deep into the ocean you look at yourself and you see you have become a dolphin, you see a lot of dolphins around you and you dive and play together, you see the  whales accompanying you and you feel safe calm and peaceful. You will be in the deep water and you will feel the serenity enveloping you inside and outside, you will feel peaceful and calm.

 Now slowly return your awareness to the body you will breathe deeply and feel the calm and serenity in your whole body. Your mind is calm and peaceful no thoughts no fears no anxieties, your body calm and peaceful your thoughts are clear and clean.

And so it is.

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