Channeling #tom

  •  29/09/2020 10:37 AM

Humanity is making a global change I'm Tom from the Ninth Council We are with you in everything you go through. You're not alone. Humanity today is undergoing a very profound change. The change is significant because you will not be what you used to be. All your infrastructure and everything you have known so far will change. And you will no longer be what you used to be.

קרא עוד
  •  22/09/2020 12:14 PM

Hello, I'm Tom from the Ninth Council I came today to clarify a few points for you and reassure you of everything that is going on in your world. Your world is undergoing a very profound change, both on the physical level and on the energetic and spiritual level. You are going through a phase, you are going through a higher frequency, you are now absorbing an alternative energy to the energy that has been on the earth for the last thousand years. Frequencies today do not suit you as a human being.

קרא עוד
  •  21/09/2020 07:10 PM

I am of the Ninth Council and I came to you today to open your eyes. You walk the world with your eyes closed and your ears dark. You do not see or hear. You walk like blind and deaf. You do not see angelic beings and energies around you. You do not hear and even when they come to you in dreams you throw the dreams behind your back and keep banging your head against the wall. We have told you before that your dreams teach you about yourself

קרא עוד