17 Sep

Corona virus

  People ask me about the corona. Why it came to us and what can be done to eradicate it.

 Spiritually the corona is a kind of reminder for humanity. This virus is spreading all over the world and cannot be stopped. The world has reached a critical mass of negative energy and it is time to make a change. 

The corona is a physical means of teaching human beings compassion. Human beings closed and blocked their hearts for love and compassion. The virus creates a separation and a physical and emotional barrier between humans. After a long period of such blockage humans will realize that they cannot live alone. The world is not for one person. Not intended for members of one people or one class. It is not intended for one nationality. Not all human beings must believe in one God or belong to one particular religion. The world was created for all human beings. Therefore human beings will understand that there is no my God and your God. One God is no better than another God. One nation is no better than another nation, one religion is no better than another religion, one person is no better than another, but all are born equal and remain equal.

 The separation between human beings was created by human beings. Hatred between human beings is created by human beings, man's greatest enemy is man himself. The one who creates the suffering sorrow and pain is the person himself.

 So what does the corona come to teach us humans? To love one another Support each other Understand each other Have mercy on one another To believe in the inner self Understand that everything that happens to me happens for me  To connect the heart - compassion and the head - knowledge. Beacouse Knowledge without compassion brings chaos, pain, sorrow and separation, Compassion without knowledge leads to pain and suffering, Connection between knowledge and compassion,  between the heart and the head Brings balance and unconditional love.

 And so it is.

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