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What are they asking of you

Communication with Tom from the Ninth Council 21/4/2020

 We have explained many times and said that you create your reality with your own hands. You have great power and you do not use it because you are not aware of it. In the heart of each and every one of you there is the divine spark that is the essence of who you are.     The spark is the nucleus around which the soul, entity and your physical body are built. When you put all these elements together you get an extraordinarily energetic and smart body. 

Planet Earth is the only place in your universe that you combine all these elements into one body that has functioned amazingly for many years. You are beautiful energetic sages for the rest of your life. When you take the energy and ability of each and every one of you and bind them together you can have energy that will change the earth and the entire universe.
 Your energy is very powerful. You do not have to gather thousands together, but you can connect together out of prayer or inner intention. 

When you adjust to a particular thing you actually create it in your life and amplify it over and over again. All you need is to be attentive to yourself and know that you can change your world. 
If you are not satisfied with the functioning of your governments you should not fight them but adjust together in prayer or imagination and see these governments move and give way to other leaders who will do more for the community and the people. Know that your intention is important and works. 
Your brain is the most sophisticated computer in the universe and you can make an energetic and conscious change. When you make the change of consciousness within you then the change outside will be possible in a short time. All you need is to make an internal change. 
The internal change will affect what happens outside and then the results will change accordingly. 
Focus on what is inside and change your thoughts and intentions into an energy of love, compassion and oneness. Then love, compassion and unity will be a part of your life on earth and then you will be able to live your life out of happy joy and supreme happiness. Know that there is no shortage in your world. 

There is an abundance of everything. But your governments want you to think there is a lack and to tease you with each other. You do not have to fight with the people and the community in the community and person by person.
There is no more room for wars. The corona virus that was recently exposed in the world is a milestone for a change of consciousness in all human beings. 
The faster you change consciousness the more all the diseases of sorrow and pain will pass away. Everything is in the hands of each and every one of you. You are responsible for your life and your death. 
You determine when to be born, how to live and when to die and under what circumstances. Nothing is done to you or for you but only you do everything for yourself. 
Take responsibility and change your consciousness so that your life will change for the better and live a life of happy love, compassion and happiness.

 And so it is. 
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