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The big change - Mettatron - 9/9/2020 Entities of Light, Metatron, Entities from the Star of Orion, Tom from the Ninth Council

 Hello and welcome, I am Metatron, I came to you today to clarify a number of things and to give you guidance for years to come.

 Today you are in the midst of a very big change on Earth. Everything you have known so far will change. Your planet is undergoing a very, very profound change. You feel and see the change in your daily life. The weather is changing, The seas and oceans rise every day, the glaciers melt, the temperature rises And the storms are raging.

 Every hundred thousand years the Earth moves its location to another place in the universe. Today you are on the Milky Way. And the earth revolves around the sun. In each round The earth is approaching the sun a little further. As you get closer to the sun and the earth Becomes a greenhouse. In a hundred years it will be impossible to live on earth If you do not make a change. Because the earth is making an energetic change to humans as well A change must be made. 

You are responsible for the earth, each and every one of you. You are responsible for rising the energy frequency And build a chariot that will contain the earth within it so that you can move to another region in the universe Where there are two suns and two moons. So that you can live in peace and tranquility and harmony.

 In every period of ten thousand years there is a change of the rotation of the earth and of humanity. Humanity is changing so that in one period male energy dominated and in another period After ten thousand years female energy has dominated. For the last thousand years she has ruled The male energy and today you are making a change because you were consciously asleep For a thousand years and today you are starting to wake up. 

The powerful energies that come Today the earth awakens different places in your consciousness and you begin to awaken. You see things you have not seen before. Suddenly things seem clear to you. You go out and fight for things that once seemed right to you and today you see being oppressed. It is like a slave who goes free and fights for his freedom. When he was a slave he got it And continued to do what his master told him. But once he looked from another higher level, He struggled because he understood and saw that he was a slave. You were slaves for ten thousand years and today you are waking up.

 For a thousand years you have been taught to use the left part of the brain that told you what you are Seeing exists and what you do not see does not exist. This is how you have been for a thousand years. 

Since you have not seen beyond the five senses, then you have built technologies to help you condut yourself In every day life. On the other hand the right part of the mind is the side of flight and the intuition of the knowledge of receiving messages from the upper layers. If you could combine the right side with the left side and cultivate the right side than    everything you do without technologies but everything from within. 

Everything you were You have to increase the frequency and recognize yourself as divine, as much as you can, but you will reach that as well when the time comes. And today you are starting to wake up and ask questions and realize that you have been sleeping for a very long time. 

The feminine energy has come to life and is slowly beginning to influence and take its place in the being The human. The same feminine energy that has been suppressed for a thousand years. The Goddess and the Goddess have been on Earth for the past six months to help humanity connect To the feminine energy within it. Within each and every human being there is the masculine energy And the feminine energy and it does not matter if it is a man or a woman. You are supposed to create harmony within you between these two energies. The earth is extinct many times and rebuilt many times. Humanity has become extinct many times in the past, The earth was supposed to become extinct in 1972 and also in 2012, but since then humans have begun to make a very profound internal change. 

We are glad to see that tens of thousands of you have ascended and reached high levels of consciousness and awareness. And we are waiting for more tens of thousands who will do this process. 

Remember that every person who has learned and received qualities and knowledge and energy his job is to pass on his knowledge. 
You do not learn and progress and develop not only for yourself but also for others. 
You must pass this knowledge on to future generations and bring about a very profound change on earth. 

Your consciousness is now making a change and you will be able to see things beyond the five senses. 

Look at beings and angels and energies and colors, and aliens, and galaxies and everything that exists in the universe. Remember that when you meditate you do not go anywhere but go deep into your own consciousness. Because within you is all the knowledge of the universe. You were born with this knowledge and qualities. But you were in an environment that depressed you and you thought you were not good enough or not good enough and you were insecure. Today you realize that you can do anything. Do not let anyone stop you and continue on the path of light. 
We are constantly here to help and guide you and support you. You are never alone we are always with you. 


 Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing, Inhale through the nose into the abdomen and exhale through the mouth.
 Imagine that you are sitting inside a three-dimensional center of a Mercaba and it starts to turn and go up and up.
 The Mercaba stands above the earth and you look at the earth from above. You will see that inside the core of the earth there is a Mercaba. The beings of light laid down this Mercaba many, many years ago. Look, she's spinning around an axis.
 Look  and see that around the earth there is another Mercaba that wraps around the earth. The earth sits inside the Mercaba and it revolves around. And you have to be a part of this Mercaba. 
You will see that the Mercaba turns and starts to go up and up. You ascend and ascend you will see that the Mercaba Leaving the Milky Way galaxy and reaching another region in the universe that has two suns and two moons. The chariot stops in this area. 
You will see that the people on the new planet behave in harmony love for others self-love and peace and tranquility. Remember that you are creating your life and your future. And you as a human being are influencing globally About the whole earth and the universe and all that there is.
 Stay in your consciousness on this new planet. Feel the serenity,  relaxation, cosmic love that arises everywhere on earth. Everything is conducted on those who rest in great love and compassion. And so it is

 Thanks to the Light Entities for Metatron to Orion and Tom from the Ninth Council.
 Thanks Channeling Metatron Orion Entities Light Entities 

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