15 Aug

Entities, you have chosen to come to planet Earth in order to do energetic and spiritual work and to shed the heavy burden that has been upon you for many ages. You have requested this with all your being and have also waited in long queues to have the opportunity to "descend" to much lower realms and attempt to cast off the cloak of fear and anxiety and continue on the path of light. The path of light is the path to the almighty God who is capable of all. It destination, merging with all that exists and becoming part of the great light.is the path of all beings. Every entity desires to walk on the path of light and reach the coveted In order to reach this coveted destination, and since you cannot spiritually and energetically fulfill the mission within one era, you have created segments for yourselves and called them "incarnations". In each segment or incarnation, you experience similar experiences with those entities in order to learn forgiveness and release yourselves from the chains you have created with that entity. Releasing from these chains allows you to be free, to create, and to exist. Existence is a divine existence that encompasses all that exists. In the current era, you have chosen to experience multiple incarnations simultaneously in order to shorten the process that has been ongoing for many ages. This is the reason why you change partners frequently, move from one country to another, learn many languages, and try to learn as much as possible in a shorter period of time. You feel like there is "no time" and that you need to "accomplish" things. Beloved ones, know that "time" is a concept you have created within yourselves to have the ability to navigate your lives according to a clock that tells you the hour and the day or month in a given moment. You have created this concept in order to make the most of your time. "When you understand this, you can also change all the chaos and imbalance that you are experiencing these days. The chaos you experience externally is the same chaos that exists within you. Increasing your awareness and expanding your consciousness will create openness and understanding in you. This understanding will take you one step further and enable you to take responsibility for everything that happens and change it in the blink of an eye. The ability to do so lies within you. Expanding your awareness will teach you to trust yourself and change what needs to be changed. Your mind creates a certain reality for you because you have become overly dependent on external factors." "The media has taken over your consciousness and directs you wherever it wants. The mind is like a monkey, it repeats the words and actions of others. But when you expand your awareness and do not rely on any type of media, you can look inward and find your inner strength to face all the challenges that come your way,  and reclaim the reins to be the sole ruler over yourself and your energies. Freedom comes from expanded consciousness, and therefore, your most important task from now on is to expand your awareness and be free to differentiate between good and bad, and choose the good.  As always."

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