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 With us  today are Yahweh, Metatron, Master Thoth,  and Light Entities. Today we will talk to you about water. Water is the first element created on earth. They are the first element is the element of life. When the water is clean and pure it has the property of healing and nourishing. When they die, meaning all their energy and animals are gone they can be dangerous. Water makes up two-thirds of the earth and also two-thirds of the human body. Water has a property that they absorb energy and knowledge and they pass it on. The water of the rain seeps into the ground and comes out elsewhere. They can reach different places and they penetrate into the ground and become groundwater everywhere on the globe. Because water absorbs energy and absorbs knowledge, they transmit it to anywhere on earth. When people drink water they get this energy into them. Humans are now polluting the water. The waste that people throw away, huge amounts of waste that go into the ground and pollute the earth and the water so when the people drink the water they get sick. The oil that penetrates into the soil The waste of the oil enters the water, the oceans, animals and fish die from pollution. You irrigate your crops with untreated water. And when you eat the fruits and vegetables and the grain, the infection goes into your body. This is why there are so many diseases on the planet. What you call cancer, The radioactivity enters the soil and pollutes them. The crops that people eat make them sick. The crops are transported everywhere in the world and therefore the people are sick. It all comes from the water. Once you purify the water, you can purify and heal your body. Water has knowledge and they also accumulate knowledge and energy from the environment. So if you can take a glass of water and bless the water or do healing water or Reiki to purify them before you drink, you will drink purified water. Then the water will heal you. Water makes up a significant percentage of your body and your planet. Where there is water there is life, where there is no water there is no life. When you are in the womb, you are in the water. When evolution evolved you evolved in the water. The first creatures were formed in water. And only after a period of long evolution could the creatures walk the earth.


Imagine you are in the ocean. Look at what the ocean looks like, how it feels to you, you will see that a blue ray of light and a ray of purple light enter the water. In the places where the rays entered, special energy was created in the water and the water begins to be clean and pure. Like a bright spot in this endless ocean. 
You will see that the bright and pure stain begins to spread in the water. The water is becoming more and more clean, clear and pure. You will see that more rays begin to reach the water, streams, rivers, lakes, lakes, the rays begin to purify all the water. These ultraviolet rays enter the soil and purify the water inside the soil. You will see that slowly the water everywhere on earth is doing change and purification. 
You will see that the purple and blue rays enter your crown  chakra and body and that of every creature and person on earth. Humans, animals, trees, flowers, and everything that lives. The plants are alive too, the trees are alive too. Trees are full of water too, humans are full of water too, animals are full of water too. Everything is full of water. Water is the drug of life. It is the source of life on earth. A planet without water has no life. That is why water is so important on earth. 
Understand that the next crisis of the next decades will not be a crisis of fuel but will be a crisis of water. Therefore you need to prepare the infrastructure so that they have enough water for the future. For your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
 You will feel the energy going into the body and cleansing and purifying the water inside the body and going into every place and purifying, cleansing and purifying every cell, every molecule, every bone, every muscle, you will feel it. Feel how you intensify from moment to moment. And so is everything on earth. Bless your water, human beings, bless the water within human beings. Spread the water inside the earth and on the earth. The blessing will lead to the healing and purification of the water. When you bless the water you drink, you drink it to satiety. Whatever you think about while you drink, you put that energy into your body. If you get angry when you drink, you put that energy into your body, and then it's like you drank poison. Because the body responds to everything you think. So when you drink water think of love. When you give water to your seedlings think of love, because the seedling receives the love through the water. When you serve water to someone else, think of love, compassion, joy. Because you inject this energy into it through the water. Water is the best medicine available. All the medicines you are given are diluted with water. Pills you take with water, each drug is mixed with water. See yourself as you drink pure and pure water to satiety, and you are energetic, clean, beautiful, powerful and healthy.
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