15 Sep

 Good evening and welcome 

 Today is  21/6/2020 and This is the longest day of the year. We will invite the   light beings and Angels and  the great masters  and the Entities  .

As always, I accompany you along with all beings of light throughout your life. You are never alone. Always be balanced and focused on your destination and destiny on earth and in general. 

During this period you go through challenging experiences and it distracts you from your center from your balanced place. When you move from this place from the middle, from the center, from the balance, blockages are formed within your life and your body. The blockages create diseases that create pain that creates an imbalance and so on.
When you are sick you focus your attention on illness and pain and then they get worse. Understand that you concentrate on a particular thing, it intensifies. You are light beings. you can do anything. 
   You can do anythin

Within each and every one of you is the divine spark 
 and it creates the harmony within your body and life. 
When you get out of balance you move away from who you really are and your strengths diminish and then you get to a point where you forget who you are, where you came from and where you are headed. What is your destiny and role in this life for what you were born and for what you die. We want to talk to you about 
the cycle of life and death. 

When you are born you start life with great hope with abilities and strengths and slowly you encounter bumps that lower your energy and mood ability and power. When you connect to these low things you never succeed. When you are powerful on the inside and move aside all the external noise you connect to your internal intensities and then you all can and overcome any obstacle. 
We remind you of your strengths because from the outside they try to shock you and get you out of your focus. Trying to make such a big noise that you forget you are actually light. You are sparks of light and sparks of God. You have strong strengths within you. 
All you need is to connect to these powers. The corona is a tool within the game of the people of darkness who came here to shake the sills. 

Beneath the surface in places you are unaware there is a war going on between the beings of light and the beings of darkness, between the beings of God the white and golden beings and the dark black and low beings trying to pull the earth and humanity down. 

We want to tell you about periodicity. Earth was this place once and humanity is extinct. But this time the beings of light were sown on the blue earth above the sea. 
There are billions of light beings planted on earth so that this process does not happen. 

Your job is to find each other and unite  together in the face of darkness. It is time to put the ego, logic and personal will of each and every one of you aside and see the important goal of unification and unity of light. 
When you are united and cohesive together you can through the infinite light energy the divine energy envelop the darkness in a shell of light. And this light will shine to infinity and return from a million times amplified infinity. 

True to Earth and humanity a bright future of infinite love harmony and compassion. 
You will live out of compassion and love. Take care of each other, give to each other and learn to be as God is present. This unity between you will eradicate fear and eradicate anxiety. 
Remember that fear is an illusion and anxiety is a greater illusion. Be powerful on the inside and realize that the more you go inside, the more empowering you become. Strength is not measured in muscles or egos or weapons of war. 
Intensity is measured by the inner strength and mental balance and ability to withstand challenges. 
We are with you the light beings, the cherub angels. the masters and light beings from all the galaxies are here in droves. Aim each and every one of you towards the light.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing. Imagine a white ball above your head, put it inside and fill your whole body with white light. 
You will see that a turquoise ray of light enters the crown chakra and fills you with a turquoise light of compassion. 
You will feel someone pulling you upwards from the crown and you will ascend. Climb More and more higher. You will see that around you there are other beings full of compassion and together you create a very large and powerful energy circle. 

You will see that from above comes more turquoise energy and fills this circle with turquoise energy. 
Now you will see that out of the circle and out of the turquoise-formed sphere, rays are sent into the earth into the seven centers of energy, the seven gates on the earth. 
One ray is sent to the Temple Mount filling it with the energy of compassion and the whole area around. Another beam is sent to the Great Pyramid in Egypt into the earth. And fills the whole area with the energy of compassion. The third beam is sent to the Kaaba stone in Saudi Arabia and fills it and the earth with turquoise energy and also the whole environment. 
Another beam sent to Mount Everest fills it and the earth with turquoise energy and the whole environment. Another beam is sent to Stoneage in the UK and the energy enters the ground and covers the entire environment with turquoise energy. Another ray is sent to the Rocky Mountains in America and fills the earth with turquoise. Another beam is sent to the Andes Mmountains and enters the earth. You will see that inside the earth the energy merges and connects together and a turquoise energy of compassion envelops the earth inside and out. 

The energy goes into the earth, into the roots, into the human beings into the ocean waters and everywhere. Now you will imagine the change that has taken place, the love in the eyes of the people, the sharing, the harmony, the mutual help, you will imagine in your mind the new world that has been created. The more you imagine it the more it will become a truth and you will live it in your daily life.

Now slowly open your eyes and look around you, has anything changed in the way you see the world, what is happening to you inside the body, live the calm and serenity you have reached and be. 
Say to yourself: I am present.
 And so it is 

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