Channeling #light entities

  • 15/09/2020 06:22 PM

With us today are Yahweh, Metatron, Master Thoth, and Light Entities. Today we will talk to you about water. Water is the first element created on earth. They are the first element is the element of life. When the water is clean and pure it has the property of healing and nourishing. When they die, meaning all their energy and animals are gone they can be dangerous. Water makes up two-thirds of the earth and also two-thirds of the human body. Water has a property that they absorb energy and knowledge and they pass it on. The water of the rain seeps into the ground and comes out elsewhere.

קרא עוד
  • 15/09/2020 11:39 AM

Today you are in the midst of a very big change on Earth. Everything you have known so far will change. Your planet is undergoing a very, very profound change. You feel and see the change in your daily life. The weather is changing, The seas and oceans rise every day, the glaciers melt, the temperature rises And the storms are raging. Every hundred thousand years the Earth moves its location to another place in the universe. Today you are on the Milky Way. And the earth revolves around the sun. In each round The earth is approaching the sun a little further. As you get closer to the sun and the earth Becomes a greenhouse. In a hundred years it will be impossible to live on earth If you do not make a change. Because the earth is making an energetic change to humans as well A change must be made.

קרא עוד