Channeling #earth

  •  26/09/2020 10:04 AM

Everything that happens to us outside is a reflection of what we have inside. Each person expresses what he feel And when we interact with people around us we treat them according to how we feel. That is, if there is anger inside me and a person turns to me in anger it means he feels the anger inside me. When I have compassion, people around me will turn to me with compassion or love. We are constantly broadcasting and interacting with our environment. Everything we experience outside is a reflection of what we have inside. If we want to heal the relationships between people we must first of all heal our emotions and then we can also heal the environment. We cannot ask others to make a change if we do not make a change.

קרא עוד
  •  17/09/2020 12:40 PM

We are with you today and every day 24 hours a day. We are with you both in spirit and in mind and in body. You are now in a very challenging time in all aspects physically, energetically and spiritually. You are making a change both as individuals and as humanity and planet earth. Once in 13000 years the earth undergoes a very drastic change and a lot of events happen that change its very existence. We talked to you in 2000 that the magnetism of the earth is changing. I.e. the central axis moves. And the Earth also changes its position as the northern axis and the southern axis alternate. It's happening now in this period. For this to happen the earth undergoes energetic purification and so do the humans who live on the earth. When you look around you see chaos. In Australia there are fires, powerful floods, hurricanes, the ice is starting to thaw drastically like never before. The oceans are beginning to overflow. A great many cities and countries that are on the shores of the seas will be completely washed away when the great and huge tsunami takes place. The ocean level is rising at any given moment and countries need to take that into account and prepare

קרא עוד