26 Sep

Reflection 22/3/2020 

Everything that happens to us outside is a reflection of what we have inside. Each person expresses what he feel   And when we interact with people around us we treat them according to how we feel. That is, if there is anger inside me and a person turns to me in anger it means he feels the anger inside me. When I have compassion, people around me will turn to me with compassion or love. We are constantly broadcasting and interacting with our environment. Everything we experience outside is a reflection of what we have inside. If we want to heal the relationships between people we must first of all heal our emotions and then we can also heal the environment. We cannot ask others to make a change if we do not make a change. We tend to blame others for what is happening to us. If a couple divorces always blame each other. But there are always two to tango. If something happens between two people it is not one person who is to blame but both parties. One feeds the other. What I have inside I take out and then the person in front of me reflects me so he turns to me in the same way. If he turns to me angrily I will look for the anger inside. If he turns to me in a rage I will look for her inside me. When a person is angry with me it means that there is anger inside me and it attracts the other person to be angry with me. He just reflects and responds to me. Then I react back to it and then this ping pong of feelings of anger, fear and anxiety and trauma is created. 

You are now looking at the world and asking yourself how we got to this place. What's going on, why the earth is in such a chaotic place. What have we done to the earth that it returns to us equally. Look a hundred years back and you will see that we have constantly been exploiting the resources of the earth. When we give something to someone we also get back. But the first thing is giving. First give and then we can also receive. If I want love I have to give love If I want abundance I have to open my heart and hand and give of my abundance. If I want compassion I have to give compassion first. We give and receive equally.

 What can we do to help change this situation? In this state of chaos of the corona virus. What we can do for ourselves our environment and the earth. How can we heal. First of all we need to heal ourselves. Heal the emotions inside. We have feelings of fear of anger, jealousy, hatred, loneliness, etc. We can work on any emotion or dissipate them or dwarf them. When we dwarf the emotions or dissipate them then we have a place for higher emotions to enter like love happy beauty etc. When we put into us an energy of love and compassion we can release it back to our universe and environment. when we give love and compassion then they come back to us. The universe works like a boomerang everything we spend we get. When I release energy of love and compassion into my environment it is like circling circles that expand into circles of happy love and compassion. We should not make petitions or large gatherings or large events but look inward into the heart because love and compassion are within the heart.  When we connect to this love and compassion we can send it on in the form of circles and circles everywhere.

When we send the love and compassion out of us we can change our lives. Changing the world is not something we are working on that takes a torii and starts plowing. The change of the world comes from the change of each and every one of us. If each of us changes a little, the character, the way he conducts himself a little, he will be more considerate of others, the earth, the climate then the earth will react and our environment will also react. Each and every one thinks of himself so that we do not see the person opposite so we are alienated from each other, hating each other because love and hate can not go together. And now in this period the hatred and alienation of separation are very great and the earth and the universe show us what might happen if we continue on this path.

 The corona is just the beginning. This is a slap in the face. The problem is what we will do next, whether we will change our ways or continue the same way and then the way down is paved. If all 9 billion people change then the earth will change because we will behave differently, less will fly and then there will be less air pollution, less we will drive in a car that emits smoke, less we will expend the earth's resources, less we will use non-perishable materials, change must come from us The ads. The earth forces us to open our consciousness and change our consciousness. The earth is just hosting us. We're just guests here. We come to eighty or a hundred years and go but the earth stays. Imagine someone coming to stay with you and after a week he destroys your whole house, will you not evict him from your house? This is exactly what we do for the planet. This is a temporary home for us we do not have it indefinitely we have it for a few single years and then we leave it but during the time we live we leave behind a ruin. Imagine what happens to the earth after we all go and in our place come others who continue the destruction.

 How can we change this situation primarily by changing ourselves and the inwardness The conduct and thoughts. Everything we do starts with thought. Then the thoughts the feelings and the deeds. Because a lot of people are impulsive they say and do what they feel impulsively and not always it goes beyond common sense. I suggest: a. Before we do anything count to 10 and then respond. Especially when we are angry. That may be until then say it in another less offensive way or say it not at all.


 The imagination is real and is a very important tool of consciousness. We constantly use imagination but not always for good. In meditations we use imagination for good.

 We will close our eyes and watch our heart rate and breathing. Breathe from the nose into the abdomen and exhale through the mouth and fill the entire abdomen with white light. When the whole abdomen is full of white light, go up to the area of the head and fill the whole head with white light.

 Inside the head and inside the brain you see all kinds of black dots, these are your thoughts. Open the crown chakra and let all the thoughts dissipate upwards in the form of birds flying and dissipating in the universe. Send all your thoughts to the universe.

 Now fill your head with light and feel that your mind is empty. No thoughts, no fear no anxiety, nothing. blank. Now you can get ideas and lots of light into your body. There is now plenty of room for a lot of light. 

have a great day

 And so it is.

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