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On the frequency of compassion and what the future holds

 Evening Gate 6/6/2020 

Communication with Tom from of the Ninth Council
Good evening and welcome we are on the eve of Gate 6/6/2020

Are with us today at the end of the Council of the Nine beings of light  angels and continue to come more and more angels.

As always we love you and are with you all the time 24 hours a day. 
You are in a very challenging time today, you look around and see all the chaos  both in terms of your health and also in terms of livelihood. Economics and also in terms of security. We tell you not to worry. You are protected.
And the higher you go up in the energy frequency you have more protection from light beings and angels. 
You are on the path of light today and you are progressing on this path. The road on this path has a lot of bumps in it and you are supposed to go through them and all these difficulties, all the imbalances, but you will understand that all the difficulties and imbalances outside are your difficulties and imbalances. You have so many doubts and worries of fear and anxiety within you and these feelings are projected out whether as an individual or as a community or as a people and a nation. Social media and the media send you a lot of messages of fear to throw you off balance, to shake you. 
But if you are at a high frequency and you are within the center of yourself within the private personal space when you are in the middle of your center no one can move you away because you feel contained within the powerful energy of compassion. 

The energy of compassion is the highest energy in the universe and when it is contained within you, then you feel powerful and energetic balanced and healthy containers. 
You as a human being were born healthy and you also live out of good health and choose when to die and how. You do not have to go through suffering, pain and sorrow. But your physical legacy is one of sorrow, suffering and pain. Because you are taught sorrow and pain and you repeat it over and over again. You do not have to be in this place, it is not a necessity of reality but it is a choice. 
Understand that all you are going through is your choice as an individual or as a nation. Wars are neither a necessity of reality nor diseases or chaos. 
You can choose to be healthy and choose to live in inner and outer harmony and choose to be in a high frequency. 

When you disconnect yourself from all the external noise that is rattling in your head, you can go into your inner self and pull out from there the intensities you have within you. You are very powerful, and you are much more than you think you are. There is a lot of knowledge within you that you have not made the most of, there is a lot of ability within you, there is a lot of love within you, and there is a lot of compassion within you. Connect to the frequency of compassion and begin to pity yourself first. When you are within the frequency of compassion you can also share with others within this frequency loving out of compassion and giving. 

Imagine a world where all human beings give compassion and then all human beings also receive compassion. 
Feel good to give. Do not feel that you are being exploited and do not feel that you are missing. Because the utterance of compassion is infinite and when you are connected to this frequency of compassion you get energy in an infinite way it never ends or is consumed so you can give compassion in an infinite way. 


Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. The energy of compassion is turquoise. Imagine that this energy envelops you from all directions and you ascend inside the turquoise pillar of light. 
You will feel that as you go higher the energy becomes clearer, more pleasant, softer, more airy and you go up even higher. 
As you continue to ascend you no longer feel your body because your body has become an energy of compassion. Your body has merged with this frequency of compassion. Because you are light. You are energy, you are love.

And when you are light you are compassionate. You are spreading the energy of compassion everywhere. And so you change your world. The frequency of compassion is so high and powerful that it can penetrate anywhere and anyone. From where you have come you will spread the energy of compassion to the earth to the earth for animals to objects and to humans. You do not have to do anything but just tune in and direct the energy of compassion. You do not need to know who received and who did not, to whom you send and to whom not, to whom it deserves and who does not, you just send. Whoever is open will receive. Whoever is willing to open up to open the heart and receive the energy of compassion into it and make a very deep inner change, and whoever is not open to the energy of compassion will move aside from it because the energy does not force anyone to do anything. It's all your choice, the choice of each and every one of you. 
Therefore people with an open heart are usually spiritual people and receive the energy of compassion that you send will connect to it and ascend and then they too will be able to help others and so the circle will grow. Remember that war cannot be fought. 
When you fight, you only lose, and when you love, you only win. Look at the earth wrapped in the energy of turquoise compassion. 
Look at the people compassionately wrapped in the animals and the earth and the water the air the objects and everything there is wrapped in the energy of compassion. 

Remember you are compassionate. 
Remember this every step you take and wherever you go.
Spread the energy everywhere and be compassionate and then your world will change. 
This is our message to you today

 And so it is. 
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