Channeling #light

  •  16/12/2020 12:08 PM

Is with us today Metatron who will give us tools to deal with the existing situation and win. Today the universe is at war between light and darkness. Light beings have in the past tried to wrap darkness in light and send light to all people who are at low frequency. But today we understand that there is a war between light and darkness and in war as in war one must fight. The war of light is fire. We will ask you to wrap yourself in a ring of fire around your aura. This is the highest level of protection available. No energy or entity can pass this ring of fire.

קרא עוד
  •  24/09/2020 11:27 AM

We'll talk about survival. When we talk about survival we look at our past two possibilities As human beings. We took it from our ancestors who were hunters. When a large animal came to them and threatened them they had two options either stay and fight or flee. We have it in DNA. In the age of the Corona there is nowhere to run so we must stay to fight and deal with the situation that has arisen. This situation has not been in the last thousand years that the whole planet is on its feet because of one small virus. We're surviving now. Internal survival. We want to take the issue of survival and work on it. What causes this sense of survival, a. Anxiety - the body shrinks and we stand still, freeze in those seconds and are unable to move. This is a state of anxiety and pulse and blood pressure rises. Anxiety stems from thoughts. We hear too much news and read messages and are constantly flooded with WhatsApp internet and phone. We are constantly updated on the news. We do not even have time to think. And it floods and then we get into anxiety and it's unnatural.

קרא עוד
  •  23/09/2020 01:26 PM

We will close our eyes and watch our heart rate and breathing. We will breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth all the anxieties and fears and everything that does not strengthen us and does not calm us We exhale out of ourselves. Now imagine that in front of your nose there is a blue light ball and you start breathing it into the diaphragm into the upper abdomen where anxiety and fear sit where external things like anger fear anxiety and restlessness worry and all the things that take you out of inner balance sit inside the solar plexus and inside the heart.

קרא עוד