24 Sep
Good evening and welcome
Today we are on Friday night Shabbat Shalom 

We'll talk about survival. When we talk about survival we look at our past two possibilities As human beings. We took it from our ancestors who were hunters. When a large animal came to them and threatened them they had two options either stay and fight or flee. We have it in DNA. 

In the age of the Corona there is nowhere to run so we must stay to fight and deal with the situation that has arisen. This situation has not been in the last thousand years that the whole planet is on its feet because of one small virus. We're surviving now. Internal survival. We want to take the issue of survival and work on it. What causes this sense of survival, a. Anxiety - the body shrinks and we stand still, freeze in those seconds and are unable to move. This is a state of anxiety and pulse and blood pressure rises. Anxiety stems from thoughts. We hear too much news and read messages and are constantly flooded with WhatsApp internet and phone. We are constantly updated on the news. We do not even have time to think. And it floods and then we get into anxiety and it's unnatural.

Meditation is done to calm the anxiety. When something inside us goes into anxiety, it's the little boy or the inner or the little girl. They need someone older to tell them everything is fine you have nothing to worry about. As citizens we have a prime minister whom we look up to and wait for Ono to save. We have a bigger dad up in the sky. In terms of fear and anxiety when the boy or little girl is the one who is afraid and gets into anxiety. 


We will close our eyes and watch our pulse and breathing. The heartbeat connects us to the body and the breath connects us to our soul. This is our connection to the higher levels. The more we become within ourselves, the more we concentrate on our inwardness the more we connect with ourselves. The connection to myself is basically through the heart. Within each of us is the divine spark that actually envelops a great many layers and creates who we are both spiritually and physically. When we look within ourselves we connect to the divine spark and through it we connect God. When we connect to the heart we connect to God. And when we connect with God then nothing can happen to us. Let's close our eyes and concentrate on the heartbeat and breathing. 

 Breathe in a radiant and clean light and exhale out of your mouth everything you do not need in the body. Fear anxiety  Patients Pain sensations, Exhalation. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Now that we are full of white light you will look inside your lower abdomen and you will recognize the boy or girl inside you. They can be two years old or five or six or eight or seven, how old or how little the little girl is in what condition she is in, whether the child is in pain or suffering or in grief or fear, how the little girl feels or how she feels. Be with your boy or girl. Remember that the little child is like that inside the womb when it is full of light. Now as an adult you will approach and hug the boy or girl. Because the little girl needs a hug and an adult who will tell her that everything will be fine and she has nothing to worry about, that she is full of love and compassion and joy. The little girl needs to know how to feel and understand this and trust the adult. Notice how the boy or girl feels. Connect them. Hug the little boy inside. Now that you are an adult the little girl is in the womb, take the little girl out of the womb and put her into the heart. Remember that within the heart is the divine spark and the guardian angel. Put the girl into the heart and let her feel the serenity of peace. Embrace your little girl and feel that you are embraced, you will feel your angel embracing you from the outside, you will feel the embrace, the security, the serenity. It's you and for you.

 Now look at your body and wrap your body in light. See that your body is wrapped in an egg of light around the body. Light is an energy of knowledge, of protection, you will feel how you wrap your whole body in the energy of knowledge and protection. Now imagine that around the white light you wrap your body in golden light. The golden light is a much stronger and more powerful protective shell than the white light. The golden light protects against everything outside of you. It protects you from any viral disease or trials or wars or pains or diseases. Imagine that you are wrapped in a golden light. 

As you walk down the street imagine yourself wrapped in a golden light. So that nothing will hurt you neither physical nor energetic nor spiritual. The angels also use the white and gold light for protection. Hope I helped a little
Thank you and Shabbat Shalom.

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