Channeling #love

  •  16/12/2020 12:08 PM

Is with us today Metatron who will give us tools to deal with the existing situation and win. Today the universe is at war between light and darkness. Light beings have in the past tried to wrap darkness in light and send light to all people who are at low frequency. But today we understand that there is a war between light and darkness and in war as in war one must fight. The war of light is fire. We will ask you to wrap yourself in a ring of fire around your aura. This is the highest level of protection available. No energy or entity can pass this ring of fire.

קרא עוד
  •  01/10/2020 03:38 PM

Sit back and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing. Imagine a ball of blue light in front of your nose and breathe it in and exhale all the fears Concerns and imbalances. Exhale all the negative energy fears and everything That you do not need in your body. Breathe in the blue light and fill your whole body In blue light from the toes to the vertex. Be wrapped in blue light inside and out. Now you will see that from above comes turquoise energy. It is an energy of compassion.

קרא עוד