01 Oct

The Imagination in the Days of the Corona and the Destiny 9/4/2020

 Today we are at Pesach 2020 I today want to talk to you about our imagination.

 Imagination is part of the mind. when we imagine the mind accepting it as truth. 

Imagine you are sitting with the psychiatrist and he tells you to imagine that you are in the desert and you are thirsty and the sun is very strong and you feel the dryness in your mouth, and he says you see palms and flowing water in the distance and you run towards the palms and water. For the mind it is real. You actually experience it. And when you wake up you realize it was imaginary. The imagination for the mind is reality. 
You ask: Why did humanity bring this virus? If you look for the last 30 years you are told that the earth is on the verge of collapse, although the earth and humanity are changing, but the collective consciousness of mankind created this virus so that we can all sit in homes and nature can do its thing. Nature needs a few months to reorganize itself.

Imagination is a very significant part of our brains as human beings. What we imagine we create within life And in our body. In the last few decades there have been a lot of mado movies of horror. There were a lot of movies of Fear that enters the consciousness of human beings and is spread. We are all connected through the third eye collectively even those who are energetically developed or not. We are all energetically connected through the head and create. If for example in China Someone who has had difficult experiences Another person in Russia or Australia will experience the same thing. 

They once did research on monkeys and saw that the monkeys take a potato and wash the dirt in the water and then eat. The researchers wanted to know if it was moving elsewhere, and threw a potato that had no contact with other monkeys and saw that at first they recoiled and eventually did the same. That is, the collective consciousness in animals and humans as well. We are constantly picking up and launching all the time. When we are in inner stillness we create the stillness outside. We will work on the imagination to change the frequency of the diseases, grief, pain and traumas we have experienced in the past. Inside the subconscious there are all the experiences we have ever had. 


We will close our eyes and concentrate on the heartbeat and breathing. We will breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Imagine a blue light in front of your nose and breathe it in into your stomach and exhale out everything you do not need inside your body and inside your life. Let the blue light disperse within your body. You will see that the blue light surrounds you and you feel peace, tranquility and comfort and love for yourself. Breathe more blue light into the problematic places for pain and let that light penetrate into the aching organ. Now  breathe in the organ that hurts you. When you breathe in the painful organ blue light you put in more energy and oxygen. Exhale all the pain out. Do this many times until the pain passes. Remember that everything you do in the imagination is true for the mind. If you transmit to the brain that you are healthy the brain will already arrange the body according to it. Our brain is a super brain. He can create anything. He can overcome any obstacle. Know that all the obstacles we create. We create all the pain. We create all diseases and wars. We also create death. And death is a part of life. It is part of the development of man and of being. Like a flower. When you put a seed in the soil and it germinates and after a while it is noble. You're sorry about that but you know the common seeds will produce a new flower. We as human beings go through the same process. The baby is born he lives X years and leaves the body but the part of the being of the soul continues to exist and therefore it is said that man is eternal within many bodies. Each and every one of us is eternal. The entity never dies is eternal and then it enters a new body in the next incarnation. And so it goes again, God forbid. We have a lot of memories inside the subconscious. The quieter and calmer and more inner peace we have, the more experiences will surface and then we will know. We will know what our essence is on earth and what each and every one of us comes to do here. The destiny is not to be born to study and work. My job is to spread the light. I try in different ways that the universe allows me to be open to knowledge and I spread the knowledge because light is knowledge. When I spread the light I also spread knowledge. Each and every one of us has a role or purpose and each one should know his or her purpose and implement it.

You can thus heal yourself with the blue light. And after you feel healthy on the inside you can spread this light further to your environment. Imagine that you are connected through the third eye to all the people around you in circles and so on and you will see that on the earth there are many circles that are connected to each other through the third eye.

 Now you will see that from above comes a tube of pink light coming in through the crown and enveloping your whole body in pink light inside and out. The pink light is a light of cosmic love and unconditional love. Feel and see that you are wrapped in pink light inside and out. Now when you see that you are wrapped in pink light notice that there is a thread of light from your heart to other people and they are connected to more and more people until all the people on earth are connected both through the third eye and through the heart. And you see that the pink energy of cosmic love reaches each and every human being. You will see that each one becomes a tube of light. The pink light comes from above through the vertex enters the body and exits the earth and it is charged with the energy of pink light. The pink light reaches the feet of all animals in the days and oceans and everywhere. The pink light enters the plants and trees and nourishes them as well. You will see that the crops are healthy and abundant and full of cosmic love. You will see that there are more than enough crops of all kinds for all human beings and all mankind and all animals and all that there is. There is enough abundance of food for all human beings and all creatures on earth.

 Everything you imagine you create. The more people imagine this meditation the more it will come true. We will create this reality. This is not a war on viruses. We do not fight the virus we learn to live with. The virus is also a type of creature that seeks love. Wrap in a pink light of love all the viruses that are on the planet. They do not transmit diseases they just exist there are hooks. We create the diseases within us because we do not accept them as they are. Our war in them creates the mutations that come in because the war weakens us from within and then the disease is created.

and so it is

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