•  01/10/2020 04:02 PM

Today we are at Pesach 2020 I today want to talk to you about our imagination. Imagination is part of the mind. when we imagine the mind accepting it as truth. Imagine you are sitting with the psychiatrist and he tells you to imagine that you are in the desert and you are thirsty and the sun is very strong and you feel the dryness in your mouth, and he says you see palms and flowing water in the distance and you run towards the palms and water. For the mind it is real. You actually experience it. And when you wake up you realize it was imaginary. The imagination for the mind is reality. You ask: Why did humanity bring this virus? If you look for the last 30 years you are told that the earth is on the verge of collapse, although the earth and humanity are changing, but the collective consciousness of mankind created this virus so that we can all sit in homes and nature can do its thing. Nature needs a few months to reorganize itself.

קרא עוד