01 Oct

You are sparks of light in the process of awakening

  The eve of Gate 7/7/2020 

Good evening and welcome, I'm Tom from the Ninth Council.  As always I accompany you both these evenings and in general. 

We know and see that you are going through a difficult and not easy period. All of humanity is going through this on earth. your essence is light. You were created as light, you are sparks of God, sparks of the Creator. 
Every such spark when it is separate from the source is actually part of the source but separate from it meaning that even if this light of the spark is separate from the source it still has the properties of the divine source. 

When you chose to enter a body as a entity

there was another decline and you chose to detach from your higher parts, you moved away from your higher self from your soul and the upper self and you separated you made a separation. Today you are separated and disconnected from yourself so that everything that is happening now on earth is a mirror for you so that you can see what inner state you are in. Physically you feel that separating you create a buffer or separation between you and you oppose this process. Do not want to be separated but cohesive. This is your essence. But the time has not yet come for you because you have not yet found the inner harmony, you have not found your inner happiness, the inner beauty within you. You still live in inner separation and you cannot create the inner cohesion. That is why the work is internal. Blaming others for this situation is very easy but know that no one is to blame for this situation, it is a very long process of humanity of distancing and separation. It started from ego wars killing murders hate anger and control. All of these qualities are within you. Each of you has these qualities and you are trying to suppress it. But actually you are light. You are light in the process of development. You are a light that sees the sparks high in front of you far away you see the source and try to connect to it back. You can not connect to the source when you are in low emotions. Fear, anger, anxiety, control, ego - all these are low energies. And as long as you are at low energies and blaming others you cannot make an internal change and therefore cannot make an external change. War is not the right way but to go inside into the inner peace and tranquility because only within the stillness will you find the answer. The more you fight the other side will fight harder. The more you shout the other side will shout louder the more you get angry the other side will get louder and so you create wars with others. Only if you calm down your inner war as soon as you stop separating yourself from yourself that is, will you live out of inner wholeness and harmony will you find a way to change the reality you live in today. Because your way today is a way that has been repeated for thousands of years because war brings war fear brings fear anxiety brings anxiety compassion brings compassion and love brings love. All the energy you put out you bring back in like a boomerang.

 That is why we ask you as light beings and people whose consciousness is higher and connected to light to go inside and reduce the external noise. Make a separation from the outside noise and do not let them enter. Watch less news and TV and not let the low energies get in. Not to be disconnected but to be gentle with yourself and understand that only the inner harmony you reach will do the job. We  support you. We are with you all the time at any given moment.


Close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat and breathing.

Imagine that there is a ball of white light above your head and you will be filled with white light You will see in front of you a white and glowing angel with big and glowing wings he touches you in the third eye and the crown And opens to you the possibility of seeing beyond the five senses. Pay attention to what you see and feel. Do you see more beings around you and more angels. Now you will see that in the middle of the room there is a ladder like the Jacob ladder. You will see that a great many angels descend from the ladder. You will see that the ladder is in many places on earth and many white and glowing angels descend from these ladders.

Look at the angels sitting on the most important committees and councils on earth in all the lands. In the parliaments, in the Knesset, in the governments, more and more white and glowing angels come and in fact participate in the discussions and in the various committees in all the parliaments in the world. Look at this happening in practice. The beings of light and angels will no longer sit and observe as they did until now but will be part of the process of changing humanity that makes an inner change in order to survive.

 The change will not come from outside but  from within human beings. A change in thought, a change in consciousness, a change in energy. You will see that more and more white and glowing angels are coming to earth and spreading all over the earth. In every square meter an angel stands and the light comes out of the hearts of the angels and disperses and penetrates the whole sphere and is distributed to the water into the  land to plants to trees to animals and all that there is. Imagine this as many times as possible and as many people as possible. The more you imagine it then it will be real and then humanity will change and it will affect each and every one of human beings. Your leaders are not bad people but they have lost their way and do not know how to lead. Send them a great deal of energy of love and compassion. So that they can find the way for themselves and the people they lead and leaders. 

Now you will see that the angel standing in front of you is now standing behind you and embracing you with his great angelic wings and you feel the warmth and infinite love. Be there and enjoy the endless light of the angels. 
You will see that you are light that you are sparks of light and you are in the process of awakening.
 And so it is. 

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