15 Sep

How to purify the water and be healthy

 from corona and other diseases

 Today is Sunday 13/9/2020

 As you can see,  today I am at sea. I received a message from the Angels  that our water is polluted. Because the water is contaminated the corona virus can run rampant inside people’s bodies and kill them.

 We drink polluted water. It does not matter if you drink from the tap or from another place. The water you drink from the bottles you buy is also water that has drained their energy and you drink dead water and not living water.

 I got a message that we can change that by blessing the water. Since water makes up 80% of our body, then they greatly affect us. If we bless the water we drink then they heal us. Water and food are also blessed in religions and especially in the Jewish religion. When you sit in a restaurant you will be blessed with the food you eat. Because inside the food There is also water. And the water heals you after you bless them because you put Into them good energies and heal.

 So what needs to be done to change the disease of the corona, and not only this disease but the all diseases. Bless the water you drink.

 I ask you now to go wherever there is a

reservoir of water and bless the water there. If there is a sea or a lake or a river or a well near your house  go there and bless the water. Go there every day for two weeks from today, and bless the water there.

 Here I filled a bottle of tap water at home in the back of this water and I'm going to pour the water into the sea. Since water has a memory, within the molecules of the water enters the memory of the blessing, The healing and blessing and the good energies I put into the water in the bottle, so that water can Change the molecules in the sea and then basically those molecules in the water There is the structure of the water that is in the sea and then the sea changes its frequency. And that is what will affect all of humanity.

 I'm going to do it every day for the next two weeks at 9 a.m. at Bat Yam Beach near Thaio Restaurant. You summon. Here now I open the bottle and I pour the water into the sea.

 I love you

have a wonderful week

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