26 Jan

Everything you experience in your physical world is a reflection of what is happening in other dimensions

The universe is made up of infinite locations that extend from infinity to infinity. It is impossible to assess or map the universe. The world you live in is just the tip of the iceberg in universal dimensions. There is no beginning and no end. It is an infinite system that creates itself again and again to infinity. You are still unable to understand the meaning of the universe but are trying to understand the meaning of life. You look at your life and think it's all there is. But in fact you are just a grain of sand in an infinitely powerful and challenging system forever.Instead of understanding, try to accept what is there and adapt and flow. 

When you flow and do not resist you progress and open to higher levels. The dimensions are many and infinite. So try to just go through the dimensions instead of stopping and exploring them. The very passage through the particular dimension will buy you the knowledge you are looking for.meditationTransition through the dimensionsClose your eyes and watch your heart rate and breathingNow go into a blue light pole and go up inside it like an elevator.

Now you will see that you are coming to a place that looks like a magic carpet spread out in the distance. Climb over the rug and keep going up until you see another rug spread out in the distance and climb over it and so on. Each such rug in different colors symbolizes another dimension that you go through.Pay attention to the top. The rug and not under it. Because a passage under the rug symbolizes a descent to a lower dimension and a passage above it symbolizes an ascent to a higher dimension.Successfully

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