08 Aug

Good evening and welcome, I am Metatron and, as always, I am with you in every moment, supporting and showing you the way to live with love, compassion, generosity, and health. The universe you live in is infinite. There are countless galaxies and stars in the vastness of the cosmos, and there are only a few precious gems that contain life. Planet Earth is one of these gems, and you have chosen to be and live on its surface. The entire universe is going through transformations these days. There are many changes happening in all the spaces of galaxies and stars. Everywhere, you experience these changes. Humans are connected to Earth through emotions. Everything that Earth experiences, you also experience within yourselves. You and Earth are connected, and it is impossible to separate between you. As it is said, "From dust you came, and to dust you shall return." That means that everything that exists is created from the Earth. You were also created from the Earth, and everything around you is created from the Earth. Earth is your mother and father, it is everything that you contain within yourselves. Everything that Earth experiences, you also experience. When Earth is sick, you also get sick. You influence the Earth, and the Earth influences you. Everything you eat comes from the Earth, and everything you release goes back into the Earth. The entire ecological world is a self-sustaining system. It receives energy from within and gives energy back. When you heal the Earth, it yields more fruits for you. But when you work against nature, neglect the Earth, and abandon it, then the Earth dies. Your deserts are dead Earth. Once, the deserts were lush and fertile places, and today, because you neglected them for so many generations, they have become deserts. Now, you are experiencing a rebirth of humanity, the Earth, and your galaxy. And this process of rebirth also contains death. Because in every death, there is rebirth, and in every rebirth, there is death. When you are reborn, then everything around you rejoices. But when someone dies, you cry and feel sad, and it is difficult for you to say goodbye. 

In fact, when he dies here, he is born in another place. You need to open your mind and expand your consciousness to understand that you only see a part of the puzzle. You only see one side of reality. When you expand your consciousness, you see more sides of reality and then you understand. And your understanding is important for the process of change you are going through. All the chaos you see around you and all the things that happen as if in reverse, they happen because change is to dig and bring out from the ground what is not good and bring it to the surface, and then there is chaos, lack of understanding, anger, and great fear. When you are in fear, you are in existential anxiety, and then you fight each other out of fear and anxiety because you feel that your life is in danger. But it's not like that. Because when you release what is inside, release the fear from within, what is holding you back, then you feel relief, abundant flow, and ability. And then all the difficult feelings disappear. Know that fear is an illusion. Fear and anxiety are illusions that you have created within your body and your life, and the more developed your creation and imagination are, the more you create fear in the form of a shadow chasing you. You feel or sense or know from within that you need to fight. When fear is very strong and intense, then you have two options, either to stay and fight or to run away. And you choose to run away. When you run away, you stand in one place and push away the end. Because eventually you will have to deal with it again in this incarnation or in the next one. The problem is solved when you stand and fight. And today all of humanity is in this place. Of lack of knowledge and lack of understanding. Trying to understand what is happening and resist. When you resist something, it becomes stronger. Understand that all your resistance and wars only strengthen what you resist. Therefore, we tell you to accept. When you accept the thing, then the environment is affected. To accept is to relax but not to give up. 

You do not give up, only heal. You enable. When you heal, you allow change to happen. Each and every one of you feels the profound change that is taking place right now. There are two opposing energies entering the Earth slowly over billions of years. There is the energy of darkness, which separates and brings wars and chaos on one side, and on the other side, there is the energy of God, the energy of love and compassion. In the past fifty years, more and more divine energy is coming to envelop the low energy of darkness with love. But darkness doesn't want to go away, so more darkness energy comes, and then there is a collision of the two energies. This manifests within people, leading to wars and bloodshed, and then the Earth cries out for justice. And then the Earth starts shaking from within, and there are volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, and more chaos in the world. Therefore, you see the chaos happening everywhere in the world. What we ask from you and guide you, and believe that you will do, is to learn to be. Not to think, because the mind is like a monkey. The mind is things that you learn from the environment and from one another and bring inside. Set everything aside and connect with the heart. When you are connected to the heart and allow, things happen on their own, and then it's like a puzzle where the pieces fall into place, creating a beautiful picture. The world is beautiful as it is. You don't need to interfere. You just need to let it be. Because wherever there is pollution, there are also mushrooms that eat that pollution and create good and fertile soil. Wherever there is chaos, there is also loving and compassionate energy enveloping that chaos. Our message to you is that while you are in chaos and experiencing difficulties, and being in the midst of emotional storms, we know that you experience traumas from past lives over and over again, and our message to you is to be as God is. To be within the heart. To make room for the heart. To make room for those moments when you connect to the cosmic love that is within your heart. Connect to the spark of God that is within you. Because God is not somewhere in the heavens, the universe is very vast and infinite. God is within the spark that is within the heart of each and every one of you. And he spreads upon you compassion, love, and understanding. You are loved, and compassionate, and wise, and intelligent, and loved. When you love yourself, you can also love others. 

When you love others, then they can spread the love further. Love does not belong to anyone, compassion does not belong to anyone, beauty does not belong to anyone, inner beauty does not belong to anyone, they belong to everyone. All human beings were created in the image of God. In the near future, you will experience more difficulties, we say this so that you can be prepared. Because when you are connected to the heart, then nothing external can harm you. You can pass through a hurricane and it will not harm you, you can be among thousands of people experiencing earthquakes and it will not harm you, you can be among people experiencing tsunamis and it will not harm you because you are protected. The more connected you are to your heart, the more protected you are. Why? Because you are connected to compassion. Why? Because you are connected to cosmic love and to God. And one who is connected to God is protected in all dimensions, realms, and bodies. So from here, we want to tell you to be strong, to love yourselves and others, and to live from a place of compassion. Because compassion connects you to God and nothing else. No external thing and no writing ever written in all the incarnations connect you to God. Only compassion connects you to Him. We love you, honor you, and rejoice in your happiness. Thank you very much, and so it is. 

Meditate, close your eyes and focus on the heartbeat and breath. Breathe through the nose into the abdomen and exhale through the mouth. Now imagine a white ball of light above your head, bring it inside and fill yourself with white light. Now imagine ascending into a pillar of light higher and higher until you are above the Earth's sphere, and you can see the Earth from above. See all the places on Earth and notice that it is one solid mass. You can see the blue of the sea and the warmth of the land. You see no borders, no bridges, and nothing else, only water and land. Now see that many beings of light and angels come from above, and they surround the entire Earth in light from all directions. They join hands and you also join hands with them, encircling the Earth. All beings of light and angels encompass the entire Earth as they join hands and wings around it. See that a lot of white and radiant energy enters into the Earth, into the water, into the rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas, into the Earth everywhere, cleansing the sea, the ocean, the land, and everything within. See that the energy continues to flow within the Earth, and now see how sprouts begin to emerge from the Earth's surface, and there is an abundance of vegetation. Trees, flowers, greens, fruits, and all the produce of the Earth on its surface. The water is clean and flowing in the seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and wells, and everywhere there are clean and flowing waters. See that the humans are smiling, flourishing, and abundant. 

They don't need to take from each other, there is infinite abundance for everyone. Everyone lives in abundance and has everything they need. The Earth is fruitful. The air is clean, the water is clean, and everyone is in good health. Everyone is healthy and thriving. And everyone is connected through the heart with compassion. Now see that there are thin threads coming out of the hearts of each human being and connecting to every other human being through the heart. See that all the hearts of every human being are connected to every other human being across the Earth. See this as real as you can imagine it, the more you imagine it, the more real it becomes. All human beings across the Earth are connected through the heart and send cosmic love and compassion to each other. See that the animals are free and not afraid. Human beings no longer need to eat animals, they sustain themselves from the produce of the Earth. See this becoming reality, see it existing and real. The more you see it in your mind's eye, the faster you bring it into reality in your world. Your world is a world of imagination and emotions. Use your imagination and your high emotions of love, compassion, giving, and generosity, and see how your world changes. Don't say, "I am just one person, how can I change the world?", because one and another one and another one... is a lot. If everyone starts, it will impact a lot of people. Imagine that each and every one of you is a complete world. Not half, not a quarter, not a third. Then feel, unfold, and progress as a complete world. Now put your hands on your heart and take a deep breath, lower your head, connect your palms in front of your heart and say thank you to the universe for all the goodness that has come into our lives. Thank you so much to God and the beings of light and angels and to all that exists, and so it is.

* כתובת הדואר האלקטרוני לא תוצג באתר.