29 Sep

Collective consciousness 

All people on earth are connected to one consciousness. Everything that happens in one country in the universe goes to every other place in the universe. The corona virus shows us this in a physical way. It touches our energy and spirit. Everything we experience as feelings of anger love hate fear etc. are distributed within us. We are constantly broadcasting and receiving. Radio and television for example only broadcast. We also absorb energy knowledge information emotions feelings  fears we perceive around and it affects us and also transmits and it affects the environment. Everything that happens in the world affects us and everything that happens to us affects everywhere else in the world. We are a global village where everything affects everything. Even if we are at the end of the world in the Sahara and we feel emotions we can affect people who are hundreds of thousands of miles away from us. So when one person is angry everyone around him is angry. One person is great and everyone joins him. We receive the other and transmit to the other. Every knowledge that goes into our body we put the fears and thoughts in there as well and spread it further. That is, everything is doubled tenfold and a hundredfold. In the corona era all governments spread all kinds of messages and billions of people absorb it and the thoughts and fears double it a thousand times and take it back out and it comes back for goodness sake. If a head of state there are millions dead then the fear of the people doubles it a thousand times and the fear is intensified again and again.

 Since we are very global and transformers that both transmit and receive knowledge, what we need to do to maintain ourselves and our body is to be careful not to get into the whirlpool of emotions and fears. It is to keep our energies within us and not mix with other energies. Along with my own fears and feelings and those of others. How can we protect ourselves from the virus and from the negative energies that are being spread today on WhatsApp in the news on TV and everywhere in the world. We too absorb news and information from outside. It is important that we do not get into the negative emotions and thoughts to maintain our energy and mental flexibility. Because three-quarters of what we are told is a lie. And it's global because all governments do the same thing. What does this state of sowing fear do? If the people take what is said to them for granted and act on it, we will reach a complete mess.
Everything we are told to take on limited warranty. - Take half and throw into the sea and the remaining half to be buried in the ground and the rest to send to God. What is left is zero.


 We will close our eyes and concentrate on the pulse and breathing. Breathe through the blue light nose Imagine that in front of the nose there is a blue light ball and insert it into the body. Fill the lower and upper abdomen with blue light, the solar plexus in the diaphragm where the fear sits. 

Imagine the fear and anxiety of what they look like, it could be something real, wood, stone, energy or anything. Imagine this fear and give it reality. Imagine a divine hand taking this fear and dispelling it infinitely. Instead of this fear you will put blue light into the solar plexus and the upper and lower abdomen. And exhale everything you do not need in your body.

 Again, breathe a blue light into your stomach and exhale the fear, anxiety or pain and all the negative energy that is there. You can do this on traumatic diseases and pain and anxiety and any negative energy. The stomach is the container that contains a lot of emotions. That is why a lot of diseases are found in the stomach such as diseases of the intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas and more. It is possible to work on each illness and each emotion individually in exactly the same way.

 Keep breathing blue light and fill your entire stomach with blue light And move to the area of the heart and chest and fill the chest and lungs with blue light. The lungs need a lot of energy because of anxiety and fear. Breathe and count to four when you breathe and when you exhale you will exhale up to four. At the same rate of your pulse. Breathe - 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Keep breathing and exhaling and feel how the fear and anxiety slowly dissipate. Go up to the throat and head area and fill them with blue light. When you fill the area of the head with blue light you will open the crown chakra and release all your thoughts from the head. Imagine the thoughts like a lot of black birds flying out of your head and coming up. Release all fears, traumas, thoughts and everything that is there to the universe. Continue to fill the head with blue light and the whole body head hands feet and whole body with blue light which is a light of calm and serenity. Be inside the peace and quiet inside and understand that everything that happens outside can stay outside. 

Wrap your body like an essential egg around the body and around the white light Wrap your body in golden light. Golden light is protection at the highest level. The angels also use the golden light for protection. So now we humans also use the golden light for protection. The protection is from speech viruses knowledge fear anxieties and traumas and all the negativity that is flooded today on the planet. Be inside yourself, do meditations, connect to the light because the light will take you up and there no virus will be able to harm you. You will always stay healthy and powerful. Be in the light, take care of yourself and enjoy life. Life is a gift. Enjoy this gift to the end. have a great day.

and so it is

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