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  The Whales Clean the Ocean 26/10/2020 

Hello dear 

Today I will talk to you about a meditation I received that is important and energetic. Meditation for the purification of water on earth. Water is the most precious ore on earth. The water we see today in the oceans in lakes and everywhere is the same water that was hundreds of thousands of years ago. Nature recycles them again and again. For the last fifty years we have been polluting the water and it may not be possible to use this water in one or two generations. Then humanity will not be able to survive. This is a war for survival for future generations. We need to leave them good drinking water. The meditation I received is important and powerful and it is important that you spread it to as many people as possible. meditation: We will close our eyes and be filled with light. Go up on the light column we created. As we ascend we peel off the shells above us and imagine we are on the beach and entering the water. When you go into the water and swim deep you become leaky and a lot of dolphins join you. And with them come the whales. One whale is the leader says the ocean should be cleared. It takes air and goes in into the depths and exhales the air in the form of bubbles and inside there is oxygen. Dolphins and whales do this process and fill the water with oxygen. This process is very important and powerful. You will see that a lot of fish join the process and clean up all the water in the oceans. The fish eat all the dirt and do some kind of transformation inside their body and clean the water. Look at this happening in practice.

The fish found in streams and rivers also do the process of cleaning. Pisces are also very powerful and intelligent beings and have very deep intelligence and the whales and dolphins especially the whales are the guardians of the planet Earth. They keep the knowledge within them. Man can not maintain the knowledge he has proved it. That's why whales keep it. Only when humans are at a high frequency can we preserve this knowledge and then we can be the keepers of knowledge on earth. Our ancestors used to stand on the beach and talk to dolphins and whales and get a lot of knowledge. They wrote this knowledge in caves and it was preserved as paintings and inside them they put this cosmic knowledge. 

Only when we are at a very high frequency will we understand what they have written. And so we will pass this knowledge on from generation to generation. Part of our job is to purify the water and the air and the earth and purify everything on earth for this generation and the next generation. If we do not do this no one will do it for us. Imagine that beings of light and angels also come and go into the oceans into the earth and purify all the oceans of the seas and the earth. And the waters of the oceans become fresh. This is water that came out of the rock. This is pure and uplifting water. 

You will see that the water of the ocean a large part of it evaporates and a lot of clouds are formed. And a very strong wind comes and blows the clouds and moves them from the ocean area to the desert area. You will see that a lot of rain falls over the deserts all over the world and they become green places and people enjoy living in these places and agriculture is thriving and there is a lot of abundance in the world. Look at how people are making a change and the world is making a change and there is an abundance of vegetables and fruits and fish and everything that man needs and needs to exist. 

See it happen. Look at it as real. Look like it's already happened. The more you imagine it the more real it will be. This is how we change the next years the next generation and the next world we will live in and that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live in it. 
Spread it ... And so it is
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