30 Sep
Meditation Timeline for Ascension 5/4/2020 

There is meditation that is done all over the world.
 With us it is on Sunday 5/4/2020 At 5.45 in the morning. 

It is important to do this meditation in every day to create a critical mass of positive energy on Earth. All the people who are connected to the heart do it at the same time. Want to reach a million people. I took it upon myself to record this meditation to make it easier for you.


We will close our eyes and connect to the heartbeat and breathing. We will breathe through the nose and white light will fill the stomach with light and we will exhale through the mouth. Do this several times. Exhale everything that does not charge you and raises you in frequency. We will make the light pillar: Connect to the heart and focus on the heart and imagine that you pull from the heart down a second glow white thread. And descend down to the center of the earth  and draw from the earth golden energy and ascend Through the heart and out through the crown you will ascend upwards through the stars and galaxies and our sun up to The central sun which is the heart of God. Pull away white and glowing energy and tread through the suns The crown and everything and descend to the center of the earth and again draw a golden light from the center of the earth and ascend and descend back To Earth. Each time you expand the light pole until the light around your body And you go up through the pillar of light like in an elevator upwards. Imagine you 
are inside A golden white light pole and you go up.

Tell yourself: I am doing this meditation to move the earth to the optimal timeline Most and a tool for the complete removal of the corona virus. Imagine a bright white light coming from the central sun and distributed to all the galaxies in this universe. Imagine the bright white light coming in from the central sun through our galaxy and solar system And passes through the beings of light and through our body and through all the creatures on earth. Imagine the same It's already happened.

 Now imagine that the earth is moving in this timeline that the corona virus is disinfecting All infected areas heal patients and remove the fear of the plague and restore stability. Imagine the course of events on Earth moving to a positive and benevolent positive timeline Away from all plagues wars and from all world domination. Imagine that the white, pink, blue and golden light heals inequality and erases all poverty and brings abundance to all of humanity. Imagine the great cosmic cycle of the golden age beginning and bringing with it pure light of love and joy To all human beings on earth. Imagine that all the people on earth contain this golden white light and illuminate the  whole ball. Imagine that all the people who do this meditation spread your light through the heart to every person and every creature on earth. Imagine that all the people are connected through the heart with a second glowing white wire and they look like fireflies walking across the globe. All human fireflies illuminate and scatter light everywhere. 

The more you imagine it the more real it will be. Imagination is a very important and powerful tool. And we are to use the imagination for good, for love, For the spread of love beauty happiness and joy for the spread of positive energy everywhere. We will use our imagination and see the earth and humanity healthy, abundant and loving.

 Lots of love and joy

 And so it is.
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