30 Sep

Hello and welcome today 30/3/2020

 Communication with Tom from the Ninth Council

It is time for Shechinah

 Dear and beloved, during this period you are going through a very deep process of inner change in each and every one of you. And you feel this change externally. What you see around what you experience on the physical level is just a reflection or mirror of what is happening inside you, within each and every one of you. This process you are going through is a process of purification. It is a process that happens in the deepest layer of your being. You are actually changing consciousness and perception when you come out of this situation and it will happen soon you will be different people you will think differently you will act differently and behave differently. Everything that happens in your life today everything that was until now will change and be different. Because you are changing. Your world makes an energetic frequency change once every ten thousand years. We've told you this before. The last time this happened was when the Atlantis fire was destroyed. That was ten thousand years ago. Today you are undergoing change again. A very profound change of consciousness. Many of you will not survive this change. Look around and see the older people who are dying. We wanted to tell you that death is not the end of the road but a process of change of the soul, of the being. Because the entity after you leave the body continues to exist on the upper levels. You know it in your mind but you still have a fear of death. You have nothing to fear because this is another step in the process of your development as an entity and as a human being. For many ages you have learned to separate yourself and not relate to the part of your soul. Your consciousness part. And you learned to relate only to the physical. Just for what you see and hear and feel. And you closed yourself inside the body. But in fact there is much more beyond the body. There are the upper parts that you are not aware of but they are present with you all the time twenty-four hours a day. Just because you do not see it does not mean that it does not exist. It is present at any given moment during your life. We hear your questions. Why do I deserve it, what did we just do that this thing came And secondly you ask when it will end. The answer to the first question is what did you do wrong - you just lived separately from your inner death. And now this essence means that the soul comes and steps forward before you and says I am. Let's connect me with the body. Create something whole. Let's be whole. The soul and body together as one unit. Because when you do that you will be able to live a life of health and peace for many, many years. When you read in your scriptures that Korach lived 900 years and other people lived hundreds of years it is true. There were once people who lived in perfection. And when a person lives in complete body and mind and spirit together he can live for many, many years in the same body and preserve the same body in a complete and healthy way for hundreds of years without needing doctors and medicines to heal and restore him to good health. Health will always be present in his life. Then there is also no fear of death because it does not exist. When will there be death? When the person chooses to do so.

And on the second question - when will it end - it will end when you decide it's enough for them. That you understood the message. Because there is a message behind what is happening and the message is you will look inside and you will be inside you. All you see around is a break from everything that has been until now. Everything that has been until now will change to other things. Because you will start to relate more to the person himself and not what he has. It does not matter if a person has a nice house and fifty cars and a billion dollars in the bank. The main thing is what he has inside. Gold is not measured by weight but by heart. You say sometimes a certain person has a heart of gold you refer to the kindness of that person to his giving to his love for others to refer to another person. Do not do to your friends what is not good for you, respect your father and your mother, etc. All of these laws that you do not follow are for you and for you to direct you into the heart. Because the heart is your center. Not the money or the power, not the beautiful houses, not the land, not the dollars, not the gold. What matters is the heart. When the heart is open and giving is unlimited, it can be said of this person that he has a heart of gold. Generosity. The inner beauty of giving the inner peace, the ability to see the person in front of you as you see yourself and to know that the person in front of you is you. Understand it and accept it. The person in front of you is you. You are constantly arguing with each other and fighting and constantly taking and wanting to have more thieves and taking than others because you think there is not enough for everyone in the world. There is enough for everyone. Even if there are twenty billion people in the world the resources will be enough for everyone. Because as soon as there is giving in each and every one of human beings there will also be acceptance. Imagine that all the people in the world will give regardless of religion, race, sex or skin color, everyone will give - so if everyone gives an oath, everyone will receive. Right? If we constantly give then the receipt will be returned. The world works in cycles. Everything that comes out also goes in. The Infinite Eight constantly works. What comes out comes in and what comes out comes in. If you spend money you get money if you give love you get love if you give compassion you get compassion.

 Why the world is in this place what this corona virus came to tell the world today. Because this virus exists everywhere in the world and no one can escape from it. It can hurt anyone and no one is immune to it. Not counts and kings. The change will be so profound that you will understand, see and experience that a new world has been born to you. You will think differently, behave differently and be different. Because the masculine energy that has ruled the world for the last ten thousand years is now being replaced by the feminine energy, the energy of this Shechinah is quiet. If the male energy is like an arrow, hitting straight at the target, the female energy is round like a womb. And you are now changing your energy into feminine energy. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. The female energy goes into action and it will be with you for the next ten thousand years. You will experience many incarnations within the feminine energy and live a life of love, compassion and giving. 

have a great day

 And so it is.
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