24 Sep
Hello and welcome Today we will talk about fear of death. 

There is a lot of talk about how many dead there will be in the near future from the corona virus, how many in China, Spain and Italy, etc. It is human nature to enter into fear of panic and apprehension. The Dalai Lama said that a person lives as if he will never die and he dies as if he never lives. The soul actually lives forever and replaces a body in every incarnation. Man is alive energetically and spiritually forever. If we want to live in this world we need to understand where we came from and where we are going. The theme of death does not exist in the spiritual world and we are made up of two parts one physical - what we experience in daily life and the spiritual part we are usually unaware of. The spiritual part we meet with it many times in dreams of intuition accidentally things that are not real and ignored. We in this period have reached a point where we are consuming too much more than we need. The issue of fear of death is because we do not really live. We feel we are alive but not really. We live without reality and without a future. We think that if you go to work and go out in the evening it is the essence of life. Life has the meaning of the question of what is the meaning of life for each of human beings. Everyone has a different meaning to life and does not always realize a sign. We live in a world that is on the surface. And we live on the border and do not even understand the meaning of our life. This shallow life brings us into a state of helplessness, inaction, and then we move away from each other. 

The corona came to us to show it to us. It's like someone magnifying the picture for us a billion times over. The corona virus is our appearance. Because everything we do everything we create within ourselves we transmit out whether it is in deeds or thoughts or behaviors in front of other people we take out the emotions thoughts and quarrels and transmit it out and it comes back to us 10 times like a boomerang. To think positive thoughts is to bring out positive things so that this positive will come back into us.

In recent years we have taken too many resources from Mother Earth. We extracted a lot of oil from it, in Australia huge places are burning. Mother Earth responds. The earth is a living and breathing entity. There is a heart that beats all the time, she has feelings, she knows hearing absorbs a lot of negative energy from humans. This virus is a wake-up call so we do not destroy ourselves. Almost all the planes have grounded and there is no air pollution, no noise, nothing takes us out of our center. When we look at what three weeks people have not taken to the streets what has happened since. The corona is a kind of gift that humanity has received. It is not something that has erupted one but has spread all over the world and everyone is dealing with the situation of the corona.

Look what's going on in our little country. Suddenly we stopped arguing and complaining shouting and hating and started opening our hearts and helping neighbors to friends and people. A lot of people have opened their hearts and desire to give and share to belong. All these things are exacerbated by the fact that we have nowhere to spend our feelings and resources. Suddenly everything stopped. How can I help a friend or other neighbor? The corona is a gift to humanity. It is true that people would die, many people would die in between.

There is basically no death. The people who die still live differently in a different way. When a person dies the spiritual part, the entity comes out of the body. What is consumed is the physical body itself. The energy remains forever so it is present, it is a divine energy that belongs to the upper layers. The energy wanted to experience the person so she took a body and used it as something she could walk on earth. This is how she experiences the person as he is. Entities stand in line to come and enter a body. For them it's like a gift. They want to experience. This experience that they experience on earth and then take these experiences it gives them an opportunity to progress spiritually and so they can experience the universe. 

The fear of death found in people is not real because there is really no death. If we understand that death is not real and does not exist then we will accept death as we accept birth. When a baby is born we are happy but when a person dies we cry. Upstairs happy that it's being reborn somewhere else. When they end their life here they begin their life in another world. When we accept death as it is we need acceptance and inclusion. Once we accept death I know there will come a day in the future that it will happen, I do not know when or how but I am ready for it, and when it happens I am ready for it and then I go through this channel of transition in a soft calm and flowing way. This is part of the flow. Death also needs to be prepared for. I accompany people who are about to die. It's amazing to see how people once they get it their light becomes soft, they are full of peace and calm and compassion. And you can not be compassionate towards them. Death is not a bad thing.

 From all our history as a Jewish people after the Holocaust and the many wars  we are second or third generation after the Holocaust we still have this fear of death. The Jewish people in particular have this fear because we went through a very traumatic Holocaust and many wars that people were killed and died and we saw the funerals all the time. Fear is very natural. It's okay to be scared, it's natural. This is a good trait we are afraid of. If we were not afraid we will Junp from the tenth floor . But if the fear becomes anxiety then we become neutralized, and it makes us paralyzed. Fear of death is not a bad thing. It is a continuation of life and should be accepted as it is. We know it will happen when it is for all human beings in the world, each in his own time and energies and when he is ready for it. And everything has already happened. And we'll talk about that another time. Because everything we go through and experience personally and globally has already happened in the spiritual world. It's a little confusing I know but we'll talk about it another time. 


We will close our eyes and concentrate on the heartbeat and breathing. The heartbeat connects us to our body and the breath connects us to the soul. Inhale from the nose into the abdomen and exhale out of the mouth several times. Exhale from the nose for four seconds and exhale from the mouth for four seconds. You will feel your body begin to relax and the threshold of fear and anxiety drops and you feel relaxed and at ease.

 Now imagine your moment of death. Do not think about when it will happen and how it is not interesting at the moment. You will see that around you there are many beings of light and angels who help you to make this stage of detachment. And they are happily waiting for you to accompany you to another place. Just look at it look you do not go there is not yet your time. But feel this moment the serenity of peace and acceptance. Because as soon as you accept it you stop fighting and then you calm down. Because there is no longer anything to fight for. Feel the calm and serenity and ease the acceptance the bride. Now you understand that it's okay to be a part of life. Birth is a part of life and death is also a part of life. 

Now when you feel the serenity the calm the containment and acceptance you can go back into your body you will feel like you are sitting on the chair breathe deeply feel the body you can touch the body put hands on the heart breathe deep into the abdomen deep breaths feel the inner peace, Slowly you can open your eyes. Now that you contain it and accept your death that will ever be sometime in the future you will no longer be afraid of death. You will not be afraid of patients, you will not be afraid of the corona, because what is the worst thing that can happen? You will die. You've been told you'll ever die in the future. Because when you get it then it no longer scares you anymore. do not worry be happy. do not worry Be Happy

 Thank you.
 And so it is.

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