30 Sep

Corona Virus Energy Defense 7/4/2020

  What is happening to us as human beings on the level of consciousness.

 Everything we see and hear we  pur it intensifies within us and creates and we transmit and receive. When we watch TV and hear and see the  same negative things over and over again, it makes a very big and serious resonance. All the people in the whole world who collect this information amplify it within themselves and then they pass it on. It creates a very strong resonance to the environment and then it intensifies again and again. 

If you remember last summer there were times when people forgot their babies in the car. And we asked ourselves why this happens over and over again. This is exactly the topic that people watch on TV and tell them these stories they internalize it and create it again. Our mind is what it sees it creates. Think about not watching TV all the time. Half an hour a day is enough. Because we create in our lives what we see. If you want to eradicate the corona do not watch TV and do not watch news all day long. Because you bring back the same energy over and over again. Because our consciousness creates the reality it sees. Our imagination creates. Because we have a very developed imagination. When we take what we see into the imagination it empowers itself a thousand times. So if each person amplifies what he sees a thousand times then imagine what is happening. Especially people who are mentally developed it is very important not to watch TV.

Meditation for healing and connection to the heart:

 Let's close our eyes and connect to the heartbeat and breathing. Breathe like deep breaths from the nose into the abdomen and exhale from the mouth. Imagine that in front of your nose there is a blue light ball and breathe it into your stomach and diaphragm and let the blue energy Sink into the abdomen. Feel the serenity, calmness and relaxation. Let this energy disperse throughout the body. Look at the body wrapped in blue energy inside. The color blue is a color of calm and serenity. Imagine that you are completely filled with blue light from head to toe. Now imagine that the blue light comes out of the pores and chakras and organs and settles around the body Like a bubble of blue light so that the body is wrapped in blue light inside and out. See yourself wrapped outside in blue light like an ethereal egg. Now imagine you are breathing indigo purple light. The purple light in front of your nose and you breathe it in The feet to the calves to the thighs to the abdomen to the chest to the spine to the throat to the nostrils to the eyes Head to the brain to the neck,  arms and all parts of the body. The purple light destroys bacteria and heals. If you have palpation or pain or illness you will put a lot of purple light in the same place. It is a spiritual and energetic kit Of first aid of pain. You can eradicate any pain with the purple light. Imagine you are full In purple light from the feet to the vertex. The purple light comes out of all the pores of the body and envelops the  body in purple light. You are wrapped around like an ethereal egg and your body is wrapped in purple light. the light Purple is the light of healing. 

Now imagine that in front of your nose there is a ball of light in gold and you breathe the golden light inside into the body And fill the whole body with golden light from the feet to the vertex. The golden light is a light of protection. also If there is a disease inside the body the golden light protects against the disease and throws it out. Disease, virus or all Pain or other illness. Ir throws them out of a body.

 Now imagine that the golden light comes out of the organs and envelops the body in the form of an egg and sites around the body. Now imagine the body wrapped in a purple, blue and gold light. The golden light protects against viruses, diseases, other consciousness, from control, and from any disease that circulates Around you. Feel your inner strength and health. You will feel healthy and contained Inside the purple and gold blue light.

 Now you can go out into the world like adults. You can now connect from the heart with three wires of light. Blue light, purple light and gold light. You will see that these three wires come out of your heart and connect to all the people around you. This way you can also empower and heal others. From your heart to their heart. Wishing you lots of love and health and that we will meet and everything will be fine Happy holiday 

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