03 Nov

Worldwide meditation to change the situation 21/10/2020

Hello dear Every morning I am at sea 

I always talk about what we and the planet and humanity do too A very profound change. And the change that the earth is making is due to the change we are making \ The change is internal from the inside out and not the other way around. So far we have followed the outline and the rules Who did for us. 

From today we will look inward and act according to what the soul tells us and the self Our high tells us, what we feel. 
The change comes from within and so does the whole environment Ours is changing. 
Every morning I go to the sea and this time I do worldwide meditation. Today I would like to To show and explain to you the meditation I do. This meditation is important for each and every one of you to do every day. 

When we meditate together it creates a critical mass of energy that is connected to everyone. Anyone can do it at the right time but the energy Crystallizes and influences. 
If we want to influence the planet and humanity we will go In the right direction and we will not get lost in all the chaos. 
This meditation is universal. If you can share as much as possible it will be great that this work is worldwide. This work is the work of us all together. And we will create a critical mass of energy that you will make A change of energy on Earth. More than twenty years ago I received a message in the communication said by the angels that we are Both humanity and the planet are going to undergo a very profound change.

And we will create Two earth balls energetically. One earth will be normal as we know it today, And people will remain in it energetically who will not be willing to make a change and they will have experiences Severe and unpleasant during their life and there will be those who will choose to leave their body At this time and come again in another incarnation into the new earth that has already made the said change and the change they will make in the higher layer of their higher self. And a second planet will be much higher and there will be people who are light workers and light distributors And make a daily change.

 They will remain on Earth and will be at a higher frequency and will be in sync with The energy of the new earth. The earth will split spiritually and energetically. 
This is what is actually happening today. The people who choose to die is this choice, also to get infected and die from the disease and go through all the pain and sorrow that borders with it. 
We will be chosen in the light and do meditations and look inward and make a profound change. As much as we do Deeper change The chance of change and flow with the new energies that are now reaching the earth. 

We did the meditation I got two weeks ago and do it every day in front of the sea and what happened today something very felt, I went home and did another meditation, a line of angels stood and each angel approached me in turn, gave me a kiss on the forehead and stood behind or by my side. It was very exciting and I wanted to share with you this experience. And today I was told to share with you Even with this meditation. 


Imagine that you have created the pillar of light and you are ascending within the pillar of light up high and high and higher. The higher you go up inside the light pole you peel off the shells above you you become more energetic and bright and your frequency becomes lighter and more open. Now imagine that you are pulling the earth upwards inside the pillar of light and also the angels are pulling the earth upwards. Watch the earth rise to the top inside a sphere of golden white light. As he rises higher he begins to peel shells for himself. It rises even higher and higher and more and more the outer shells peel off and as the earth rises higher it becomes brighter and clean and energetic and airy. You will see the earth rising more and more inside the pillar of light and the angels and great masters pull it upwards more and more. Now you will see that the earth is shrouded in white and gold. The energy of gold envelops the energy of white. You will see that the earth is inside a three-dimensional pyramid, that is, the chariot and it begins to operate, the chariot is two pyramids one up and the other down. And they move in opposite directions and it becomes a flying saucer and it flies to another area in the universe. The place where the earth reaches is an area that has two suns and two moons. The more you imagine it the more real it will be. And will be a part of our new life. I wish you lots of love and light. And you will be in the light and you will have a healthy and beautiful life without diseases, pains, fears and chaos. 
And do yourself a favor and stop watching TV and listening to the news because it lowers your energy frequency. After all, you only want to ascend for your own sake and for the sake of the earth and humanity. 

And so it is
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