16 Dec

Good evening and welcome

A few days ago I received a message that we are in a very challenging and very difficult time for many people. We are in the midst of war. Do not see her but feel her. This is a war at the highest levels A war between light and darkness.  For the last 50 years light has been trying to envelop darkness in love. We kept talking about it that we wrap the low energy in love and then it will dissipate the hard and low energy. Now it does not work to wrap in love and spread love and spread beautiful energy because the other side runs cannons. We can not shoot a gun in front of the cannons. And so we too need to fight at the same level.

For the past eighty years darkness has planted energies in all sorts of families in different places on earth and they are making a mess within the family. These people lead to very difficult situations and affect their environment energetically and psychologically. The frequency that is happening now that has entered the earth is very powerful and is fighting the low energies and we are now at war. And in war as in war one has to fight and it is impossible to resist. The darkness sent to the earth a great many very powerful beings but on the other side of the screen they are also powerful but they are connected to the darkness. These beings have a rough texture and connect and blend in with all the low energy of the reptiles. That is, the entities they reptile connect to and magnetize to human minds and sit there. And they interfere with a person coping with his daily life and also interfere with rising and growing. We need to work on several stages.

 The first step is to eradicate the reptiles within us. Since each and every one of us has a reptile that attaches to our head so we need to eradicate it by the fact that we raise the Kundalini which is a very powerful energy. The energy of the Kundalini sits at the base of the spine and when we raise it into the brain then the brain receives this powerful energy and feel the brain burn. At this high frequency they can not survive and then they dissipate. This energy dissipates.

The second step is to work at a very high frequency and send energy that is like energy of fire into the minds of human beings and entities that are low to actually burn the creepy energy that is within the entities within human beings within the earth houses and everywhere. Since they are very many then they are everywhere. We talked in the past about Lucifer being a very considered angel and the right hand of God and he built an inverted chariot and went against the laws of nature and took with him very many angels who followed him and now we are in a war of light and darkness.

 Earth survival is now on the agenda. Humanity has been extinct many times in the past and has been rebuilt over and over again. Since we do not want this to happen again then we are fighting. The beings of light who do this work are at the forefront of this war with darkness.
Anyone who considers himself a man of light and is at a high frequency can do this job. I got a message right now that we will meet every week and work on these points to eradicate this energy of darkness from the earth. It is possible to do that and it is a very powerful and profound work. You are the chosen ones which means you have chosen yourself to be here and be a part of this powerful process. I do these meetings at no cost so that even people who are high frequency and can not pay can come because we must remember and our lives and children grandchildren and great grandchildren and future generations and leave them a good clean world founded by love and evil and joy and unity and beauty and all this frequency of separation and hatred should disappear From the world and the lives of beings and children of light.


Close your eyes and concentrate on the heartbeat and breathing. The pulse connects us to the body and the breath connects us to our soul. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Imagine a ball of white light above your head, put it inside and fill it with light. Now that you are in white light, concentrate on the base of your spine and you will see white energy rolled up like a spring. This energy is the energy of the Kundalini. Now imagine that this engraving begins to open and spiral up the spine until it reaches the brain. When the energy reaches the brain you will feel the heat and power of the energy that is inside the brain. You will feel your brain begin to warm up more and more hot until you can no longer contain that heat.

You will see that something separates from your brain and leaves. After he leaves it could be a crocodile or a snake or another reptile, notice what leaves and part with you. Keep raising Kundalini's energy to the brain. After this creature leaves your brain you can open the crown and let the energy come out through the crown chakra into the universe. Continue to raise Kundalini's energy upwards and remove it from the crown. This is how you ascend.

Now imagine that you are inside a pillar of light. You ascend inside the pillar of light like an elevator of light. You ascend further and higher within the pillar of light. Reach out with both hands and send powerful and burning energy to all the human beings that are within them. Mean the brain. You do not need to know who the person is. The energy knows where to go and you are a conduit for that energy.
You will see that this energy is directed at all the leaders and prime ministers of kings and rulers and decision makers on earth. To all the warlords to all the people who control the economy in politics and in any state of control over other people. Direct that energy to them and you will see that a great many reptiles come out of them and they lose their energetic power and are no longer able to control.
So continue to be at this frequency and send this powerful and burning energy to these people all over the world. Send this energy to entities that are connected to Lucifer within humans in the earth in homes and everywhere on earth. In the air at sea and on land.

Do this meditation every day. The more we do this and the more people will connect to this frequency and work in practice, the more we will change the frequency on Earth with our own hands.

Now take a deep breath, give thanks to the beings of light to the angels and cherubs, take a deep breath and open your eyes.

And so it is. 

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